Needle Drop: Me And
My Drummer, “Blue Splinter View”

If you haven’t come across Berlin duo Me and My Drummer to date—do yourself a favor. I’m excited for their upcoming second album, Love is a Fridge from which they’ve released their latest single “Blue Splinter View.”

The song itself is wonderful—a laid back Americana influenced track with verses that sway back and forth, rocking gently before being blown away by Charlotte Brandl’s powerful vocals. However, as this is a video review and despite my enjoyment of the song, I have to admit being rather disappointed by the visual accompaniment.

The entire four and a half minutes of the video sees Brandl slowly rotating while singing the song, not moving except to occasionally change the angle of her head. Meanwhile, perhaps trying to emphasise the sense of openness that the Americana style often conveys, several different skyscapes are projected onto a wall behind her.

Again, I quite like this song…but the video is straight up boring. I wanted to switch off halfway through and only persevered to the end in the hope that something else would happen. (It didn’t.) I suggest that if you prefer a far more favorable impression of of the band, head over to the stream of this song and forgo the video.

As the artistic output of the duo is on the whole very good, perhaps this is just one of those experiments that didn’t come off. It’s far better to take some risks and occasionally miss the mark than churn out the same thing over and over again—so please don’t take this the wrong way guys—I’m still really excited for the album!

“Love is a Fridge” released via Sinnbus on February 12, 2016.

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