UK Artist of the Week: Sianon

Despite this only being her third release to date, British newcomer Sianon is already proving that she is certainly one to watch. Sianon’s latest cut is a highly relatable new single about making your ex jealous… can you relate?

We’ve all been there, you spot your ex at a party or at the pub and you wish you were better prepared for the emotional blow, but you never are. Interestingly, electro-pop artist Sianon and her ex could not have been more prepared for the inevitable encounter if her shimmering new single “Make Me Jealous” is anything to go by.

Talking about the single, Sianon explains, “I turned up to a party with somebody else because I knew my ex boyfriend was going to be there and wanted to look like I’d moved on. He also turned up with someone but we later found out from mutual friends we’d had the same idea and were still very much single and caught up on each other.” All we can say is, we hope it worked out.

Sianon—pronounced Shannon—is originally from Dudley, Ireland but she now resides in Brighton, England. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, cos we’re pretty sure this alt-pop star is bound for big things.

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