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The TVD Record Store Club for 10/30/15

Welcome to the TVD Record Store Club–another free feature we’ve added to The TVD Record Store Locator App that relaunched refreshed and rebranded just today, October 30. While non-label based record clubs still tend to baffle us, we’re pilfering “record club” to point to a record store agenda that we’re assembling for your weekend now that new release vinyl lands in stores on Fridays—AND for the early part of the week coming when those mom and pops could use the foot traffic.

Every Thursday we’ll be tipping you off right here on The Vinyl District—and within the app at the Club tab—to releases of merit newly on store shelves that come with free stuff upon purchase. We’ll have in-store ticket giveaways you can win by simply waving the app, pricing incentives, contests, cool partner initiatives, and a host of surprises we’re looking forward to putting in your pocket on the regular.

To kick off our newly minted endeavor, in tandem with our launch partners Warner Music Group, we’re delighted to direct your attention to 3 slabs of bundled new wax in stores today from our friends at Third Man Records. A trove of swag has been sent to participating shops listed after the jump, and with app in hand, you’re but a car ride away to grab the records and posters and pins and what have you. (While supplies last!)

We’ve also got a brilliant promotion from our partners at SoundStageDirect for TVD app users and our friends at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC have a pair of tickets for you to catch The Districts on 11/2 by presenting the app at DC’s Som Records.

So, let’s get going, shall we?

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TVD’s The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

We are awakened with the axe / Night of the living dead at last / They have begun to shake the dirt / Wiping their shoulders from the earth / I know, I know the nation’s past / They tremble with the nervous thought / Of having been at last forgot…

It never seems to fail, the coming of Halloween stirs up the elements. The nights look darker as winds swirl through the Canyon. Coyotes howl. It’s as if we’re brewing in a witch’s cauldron.

Ok, how stupid must I sound, but it’s Halloween. Vincent Price I’m not, but this is truly the coolest time of the year.

Last weekend in Orange County music fans truly loosened up at The Growler’s fourth anniversary Beach Goth Festival. Cool kids, dark nights, warm winds, and a smörgåsbord of music featuring The Allah-Las, Wanda Jackson, Sub-Humans, Grimes, Ghost, Mac Demarco, Fidlar, Die Antwoord, and The Babe Rainbow. Let’s make this weekend as cool as last!

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TVD Live Shots: Peaches at the 9:30 Club, 10/27

The Teaches of Peaches should be a sex ed class taught in middle school. The world is a better place with her humorous take on sexuality and the weird power of genitalia. Also, independence. Peaches DJ’ed the entire set herself, running the mixing boards while claiming the meagerly decorated stage as her pulpit. Her performance preached freedom, sexual liberation, and quite simply, not giving a fuck. It was refreshing and captivating.

Peaches performed her set with the help of two fierce dancers who were as committed to the visual spectacle as she was. They changed outfits so many times, it was hard to keep up. The sensuous red and pink vulva costumes were a highlight.

Peaches crowd surfed. She unfurled what looked like a 4-foot wide roll of giant bubble wrap and walked out into the crowd on it. She performed in nude pasties referencing her AA breasts in a fantastic rendition of “AA XXX.”

Toward the end of the show, when she and her dancers brought out bottles of champagne, those of us near the stage were looking forward to some kind of audience interaction. We got it. Peaches sprayed the champagne, poured it into people’s mouths, and this writer got a special treat—her hot female dancer seduced me into a body shot and a kiss. Hot, random, amazing. Very Peaches.

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TVD Live Shots: The Darkness at The Fillmore Silver Spring, 10/25

PHOTOS: RICHIE DOWNS | As we noted earlier this month, Last of Our Kind is the first album in three years for The Darkness. It’s hailed as one of their finest records yet, and a maturation of their sound. “It is the best rock album you will hear this year,” says singer Justin Hawkins. “It is the best rock album you will hear until next time The Darkness makes an album.” It’s difficult to argue for a more appropriate title; they don’t make rock bands like The Darkness anymore.

“We’ve always been a cult band,” bass guitarist Frankie Poullain tells TVD, but that’s quite an over-simplification (and he knows it). It’s been over a dozen years since Permission to Land blasted rock music out of its same-y, neo-garage rut. Its influence punched the genre in the face and reminded people, who were too young to remember, what it was like for rock to be a fun, profane, exhilarating spectacle. With Last of Our Kind, The Darkness again unleash tongue-in-cheek bombastic rock music that delivers in spades and (figurative, possibly literal) pyrotechnics.”

And there we’re both literal and figurative pyrotechnics on display last Sunday evening at the Fillmore Silver Spring. “Growing on Me,” “Black Shuck,” “Mudslide,” “Friday Night,” “Stuck in a Rut,” the monster single “I Believe in a Thing Called Love,” and Radiohead’s “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” hit like hammers. (Thor’s, to be exact.)

If not the best rock band on the planet, they’re in close orbit. Decide for yourself.

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On the Fly or Before
You Fly: The Vinyl District Record Store Locator App

Free for your iPhone here | Free for your Android here

Since the launch of The Vinyl District Record Store Locator App back in 2011 which houses in your phone the planet’s largest database of independent record shops with 100,000 users hunting down 3,500 record stores in 45 countries across the globe—one might assume complacency could set in. But to heck with that.

We’re doubling down on our commitment to the mom and pop, brick and mortar shops with a whole host of plans—and they commence right now with a redesigned TVD Record Store Locator App we’re delighted to officially unveil today. And of course it’s still free for your iPhone or Android. (Commitment’s sexy, huh?)

All the features you’re accustomed to remain with an emphasis on the community of users who have made the TVD app an unprecedented success. And we’ve added something new to the mix.

Welcome to the TVD Record Store Club–another free feature we’ve added to your app adventures. While non-label based record clubs still tend to baffle us (mailboxes: not sexy) we’re pilfering “record club” to point to an agenda that we’re assembling for your weekends now that new release vinyl lands in stores on Fridays—AND for the early part of the week coming when the mom and pops could use the foot traffic.

Twice monthly we’ll be tipping you off right here on The Vinyl District—and within the app at the Club tab—to releases of merit newly on store shelves. We’ll have in-store ticket giveaways you can win by simply waving the app, pricing incentives, contests, cool partner initiatives, and a host of surprises we’re looking forward to putting in your pocket on the regular.

How about we take a look at the The Vinyl District Record Store Locator App’s new design?

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Graded on a Curve: Tragedy, We Rock
Sweet Balls and Can Do No Wrong (All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees)

If you’re old enough to remember the disco era, only one thing was for sure; the Bee Gees were on the disco side, and metal was on the other, and never the twain shall meet. But in this “world of fools breaking us down/When they all should let us be,” the miraculous has occurred. The NYC metal band Tragedy has fearlessly crossed the great divide, offering up metallic versions of the Brothers Gibb’s disco classics, and making possible a disco-metal rapprochement that has been both decades overdue and seemingly impossible.

Tragedy exploded upon the scene, causing disco balls to implode and Disco Mountain to collapse in a deadly avalanche with 2008’s We Rock Sweet Balls and Can Do No Wrong (All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees). Sacrilegious? For damn sure. It is said that Barry Gibb fell into a coma caused by Saturday Night Fever (the first case in over 30 years) upon first hearing the record, and that when he came out of said coma his first act was to seize a scalpel and rush from the hospital, his Aussie ass showing through his hospital gown for all to see, in a search and destroy mission for the godless metal apostates.

But Tragedy were onto something. The translation from disco to metal worked, and worked well, with some songs (“Stayin’ Alive”) sounding like revved up and metal-plated reproductions of their originals, while on other tracks they take liberties. But all of their versions work, and do indeed rock balls, thanks to the lead vocals, keyboards, and lead cowbell of Disco Mountain Man; the lead vocals, lead back-up vocals, and lead lead (sic) guitar of Mo’ Royce Peterson; the bass, lead vocals, and backing vocals of Andy Gibbous Waning; the lead guitar and backing vocals of Garry Bibb; the drums and backing vocals of The Lord Gibbeth; and the talents of Lance, towel boy and complete idiot.

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In rotation: 10/30/15

Vinyl junkies can get their fix at pop-up record shop: The BedPop Record Shop, a free event which celebrates the resurgence of vinyl, returns next week for its fourth outing. Vinyl and CD sellers, live bands and DJs will be popping up on Saturday, November 7, at The Ent Shed, Castle Road, with doors opening at 9am.

Father’s and son’s interests intersect at new Rock Hill record, book shop: The venture is a progression of the Nigros’ interest in music. Paul said it started when his young son listened to the swing and jazz music of his grandfather. Several years ago, Vinny started buying used vinyl records, then bought his dad a turntable as a Father’s Day gift to have something to play them on. When he discovered a $20-something record purchase was worth much more, father and son considered their options.

Jack White’s Third Man Records release vinyl compilation designed for kids: Getting them hooked early, Jack White’s Third Man Records and Light In the Attic have joined forces to create a portable turntable designed specifically for kids, in order to house a brand new children’s compilation LP that will most likely form the foundation of a new era of record collections.

Record fan Ian Gosling opens a vinyl shop at home in Buckden: Vinyl fan Ian Gosling has launched his own record shop which he believes is the only village outlet of its kind in the country. The Vinyl Revival Store, which opens on Saturday in a barn at Ian’s home in Church Street, Buckden, is certainly one of the smallest, measuring just 138 sq ft.

Metallica Offers Preview Of ‘Montreal – August 9, 2014’ Vinyl Set: METALLICA recently announced plans to release four complete shows from the band’s 2014 “By Request” tour on vinyl…This show joins three other limited-edition quadruple vinyl sets from Bogota, Helsinki and Istanbul.

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TVD Live Shots: Leon Bridges and Kali Uchis
at The Vic, 10/27

Two years ago Leon Bridges was washing dishes in his hometown of Fort Worth, Texas. This night, he headlined a sold-out show at Chicago’s Vic Theatre, just one of the many stops on his first national tour.

He’s become almost an immediate sensation, reaching people of all ages and demographics with his particular style of ’60s soul. He’s old school soul with a new school twist.

In the same way that Charles Bradley channels James Brown and St. Paul and the Broken Bones channels Otis Redding, Leon Bridges channels Sam Cooke. His sound, his look, his show is like stepping back in time. And it’s fun.

Newcomer Kali Uchis kicked off the evening.

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TVD Live Shots: Garbage at the Orpheum Theatre, Boston, 10/21

Whenever a band from the ’90s decides to go on tour to celebrate the anniversary of a landmark record, the word “nostalgia” rears its ugly head. Is is nostalgia or is it a celebration? Are they rehashing or reimagining? Either way, who really fucking cares is the question that should be asked. In the case of Garbage and their “20 Years Queer” tour, a lot of people do. And that’s really all that matters.

Garbage is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their critically acclaimed, self-titled debut record which has just been released as a special edition two CD or 2 LP set. 1995 was one hell of a year for Shirley Manson and company as they won three Grammys and went on to sell more than 4 million copies worldwide.

Photographed by Jason Miller-2

The rerelease of the album is remastered from the original analog tapes and of course includes the hits “I’m Only Happy When It Rains” and “Stupid Girl,” but more importantly includes all of the B-sides, or G-sides as they call them, released from 1995-1996. It’s interesting to see what songs Garbage deemed not worthy to make the first cut while also showcasing the true depth and creativity that was brewing early on.

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TVD Recommends: Big Chief Doucette’s 75th Birthday Bash, 10/30

This Friday night, Mardi Gras comes early as dozens of the black Indians in New Orleans, musicians, and other culture bearers will gather at the Mahalia Jackson Theater in Armstrong Park to celebrate the life and birthday of one of the true originals.

I first encountered Big Chief Alfred Doucette on the streets of Tremé on Mardi Gras back in the early 1990s. Known for his costume designs depicting historical figures and events, his incredibly artistic, uptown style “flat” suits always stand out in the downtown neighborhood, which is known for Indians creating three-dimensional designs.

Big Chief Doucette has been inducted into the Mardi Gras Indian Hall of Fame twice—once as Big Chief of the Flaming Arrow Warriors—and as Council Chief of the Flaming Arrow Warriors. He is also a master carpenter, master racecar builder and driver, thoroughbred horse trainer, and racer and past owner of the legendary Nite Cap Lounge R&B where the Meters performed early in their career. Chief Doucette is also a renowned musician, actor, songwriter and entertainer.

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A Badge of Friendship,
The Podcast

It’s time once again for that cheeky trio at A Badge Of Friendship to brighten up your Thursday with their weekly podcast.

Chris Lloyd from Sofar Sounds is back in the studio to spin you his hand picked selection of tunes from all over the Sofar Sessions’ world, and the gang get spooky just in time for Halloween, asking their listeners to name some creepy tracks.

The full tracklisting for this week’s show: Ought – “Beautiful Blue Sky,” Kississippi – “Indigo,” Bye Bye Dubai – “Flowers,” Jamie Woods and Daniel Woods – “How Love’s Made,” Dizraeli – “Morning Light,” Living Dead Girl – “Skylines,” Laser – “Do We All Feel It,” Weezer – “Thank God For Girls,” Beach House – “Elegy To The Void”

If you’d like to be considered for the show, please email A Badge of Friendship: Or, follow A Badge of Friendship on Twitter.

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Graded on a Curve:
Wolf Eyes,
I Am a Problem:
Mind in Pieces

A true cornerstone in the proliferation of modern racket, Wolf Eyes was once aptly described as approximating a brawl between Negative Approach and Throbbing Gristle, i.e. heavy, abrasive, abstract and dyspeptic in attitude. Signed to Sub Pop during a highly prolific run of sonic extremity, the trio has survived lineup changes and incrementally edged toward recognizable structure; 2015 brings their debut for Third Man. Easily assessed as the farthest they’ve travelled from unhyphenated noise, the stylistic developments of I Am a Problem: Mind in Pieces still delineate a formidable beast; it’s out on LP and CD October 30.

At their most intense Wolf Eyes could easily attain room-clearing levels of clamor, but they weren’t accurately labeled as formless, and the fraction of the group’s nearly 300 releases having made my acquaintance never connected as tossed-off or sloppy. They did often seem like the unruly combination of early Industrial’s antisocial antagonism and hardcore punk’s torrid, raw-throated aggression; the end results could hit the lobes like audio from a horror movie lacking any pretense to plot, instead just brandishing random violence and convulsions of mayhem amid progressions of mounting unease.

Springing to life in 1996, the trio was severely active throughout the Aughts; as Indie became an increasingly mainstream affair in the early moments of the new millennium, the trio of John Olson, Nate Young, and Aaron Dilloway served as part of an underground rebirth. While having not even a smidge to do with folk music in any trad sense, Wolf Eyes was New, most definitely Weird and they hailed from one of the great cities in all of North America, namely Detroit, MI.

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In rotation: 10/29/15

The best UK record shops – chosen by experts: As the vinyl revival continues apace, we asked music lovers and experts to nominate their favourite record shops across the country

McCartney, Bowie, Eazy-E Lead Record Store Day Black Friday Lineup: “Other special titles include a reissue of Zappa’s posthumous Feeding the Monkies at Ma Maison on bright yellow vinyl; The Best of Earth Wind & Fire on 12-inch picture vinyl and Johnny Cash’s Man in Black Live in Denmark 1971 as a remastered double LP on white and red colored vinyl.

Bridgwater record shop marks 25 years at the top of the pops: Maria McKee’s Show Me Heaven was blaring as the UK’s number one on the day popular music store, West Quay Records, opened its doors to music fans. The independent shop, at West Quay in Bridgwater, opened on October 18, 1990 and is celebrating 25 years of trading in the town.

1956 ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ Soundtrack Coming to Vinyl: La-La Land Records is going old school with their first vinyl release in the form of Carmen Dragon‘s original soundtrack to the 1956 film noir sci-fi/horror Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which was directed by Don Siegel. The vinyl will be released on November 3rd and comes on pod-green vinyl. It will be limited to 1,000 copies.

A look inside 606 Records, Pilsen’s newest record store: “The new store (which officially opens on October 24) is the brainchild of former Virgin Records buyer Tim Unsell and tech industry veteran Drew Mitchell, who met at a party on their street four years ago. Though they came from different backgrounds, the two bonded over their mutual love of collecting records and began searching for a neighborhood in need of an all-vinyl record store—when they began looking for a space, Pilsen’s Pinwheel Records didn’t exist yet.”

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Rumba Shaker,
The TVD First Date

“It may sound crazy to a lot of people, but I grew up in a town without a real record store.”

“Laredo, Texas had one shop in the mall that sold a limited amount of music along with other electronics. It was a small town with not many shopping resources. That isolation creates an intense desire to seek music out. It would only be on family trips to San Antonio, TX that I would spend every dime I saved to hit stores like CD Exchange or Hogwild Records or Warehouse Music. Then on the ride home I could listen to all this new treasure.

That was small town life, pre-internet. Everything has changed except the joy that comes from discovering new music. Record stores still have a tremendous impact. A few years ago, I was at Grimey’s record shop here in Nashville, near my house. An employee named Noah was familiar with an old band I played in and recommended a band he thought I would like. They didn’t have anything available, but a reissue was coming soon. That band was the Ghetto Brothers, and that recommendation made a huge impact on me.

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Graded on a Curve:
Kurt Vile,
b’lieve i’m goin down…

I think I have finally solved the Kurt Vile perplex. He releases album after album, and most every one of them includes a song guaranteed to convince you he’s a genius. But as for the rest of each album, well, the genius leaves the studio and lets Kurt Vile put out a bunch of songs that are just okay. “Freeway,” “Freak Train,” “Wakin on a Pretty Daze”—classics, all of them, and surrounded, all of them, by a kind of droning folk or rather characterless rock’n’roll.

2013’s Wakin on a Pretty Day broke the mold, including a couple of excellent tunes. That’s the good news. The bad news is that his new one, b’lieve i’m goin down…, is mostly in the minor key, and in general bores me to death. There are some pretty songs on it, but I don’t recommend it to you or to anyone, unless you’re in a bathtub filling with hot water and have every intention of slitting your wrists.

The Philadelphia native and former member of The War on Drugs found his way onto the national scene with his first LP, 2008’s Constant Hitmaker, which opened with the great “Freeway.” A bunch of LPs later he’s a well-respected musician with a handful of songs I’d die for, mingled with a bunch of songs that leave me cold. He puts on a good live show, I can attest, but I think he’ll have problems selling b’lieve i’m goin down… in a live setting, because he risks putting the audience to sleep. I simply cannot believe that Pitchfork gave this snooze fest an 8.4, but then Pitchfork is run by the devil, and the devil prefers his songs in the minor key.

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