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TVD Radar: Slade 45th Anniversary of Slade Alive! vinyl reissue in stores 9/29

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Ask a fan of any band to name their favourite album by said act and there are not many sets of fans whose first choice would almost unanimously be a live album. But Slade are most definitely one of those bands and the album that tops most fans’ lists is Slade Alive! And their legendary frontman Noddy Holder agrees, maintaining to this very day that it is the band’s greatest album; “I think it had the essence of what Slade was all about as a band. It was very basic and raw, it captured a mood and it also helped set us apart from other pop acts. We weren’t just a singles band anymore—we had a credible, raunchy hit album too. We were pop and we were cool. It was perfect.”

With their first monster hit single “Coz I Luv You” poised to spend four weeks occupying the coveted UK No.1 spot in late 1971, Slade aka Noddy Holder (vocals/guitar), Dave Hill (guitar), Jim Lea (bass), and Don Powell (drums) were a young West Midlands band on the cusp of international rock stardom. Manager & producer Chas Chandler was keen to get an album into the shops fast in order to capitalise on the imminent success of “Coz I Luv You” and a live album seemed by far the quickest and easiest solution.

Famously recorded for the princely sum of just £600 over three nights (between 19th-21st October 1971) of loud, hot, and sweaty 300-capacity fan-club only gigs at a packed Command Studios, Piccadilly London W1, Slade pushed the club’s PA system to its limits as Chandler set about the tricky task of capturing on tape the sound of a band at the absolute peak of their live power. Speaking of the album recently, Don Powell said, “Memories are still vivid of the three nights in Command Studios at Piccadilly Circus where we recorded Slade Alive! It was also a small theatre where we invited fan club members. We actually used all of the second night for Slade Alive!”

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TVD Radar: The Very Best Of Diana Krall 2 LP set in stores now

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Verve Records/UMe are celebrating the legacy of the incomparable multiplatinum GRAMMY® Award-winning singer and pianist Diana Krall by releasing The Very Best of Diana Krall on vinyl for the first time in the U.S., as the greatest hits collection nears its 10th anniversary.

The album is available as a two-LP set on audiophile-favorite 180-gram vinyl and follows last year’s release of eight essential Diana Krall albums on vinyl as part of Verve’s 60th anniversary celebration. Covering the years 1996-2006, this 15-track collection compiled by Krall in collaboration with her longtime producer, the late Tommy LiPuma, features highlights from her first decade as a recording artist, during which time the Grammy winning singer/pianist’s expressive vocals and delicate, soulful piano work gained her international stardom.

“Easily the most high-profile female jazz artist of her generation,” says The New York Times, Krall has sold more than 15 million albums worldwide, making the Berklee College of Music graduate one of the best-selling jazz artists of all time. The Very Best on vinyl arrives as Krall celebrates the May release of her acclaimed new album, Turn Up the Quiet, and current tour that will last 2+ years, and take her around the world.

The selections on The Very Best range from intimate trio work to pieces recorded live with a full symphony orchestra. Krall delivers some deeply personal moments and reimagines timeless vintage standards by some of her favorite composers as George and Ira Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Rodgers and Hart, Van Heusen and Cahn, and Bacharach and David.

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Meg Mac,
The TVD First Date

“My parents moved to Australia from the UK in the 80s—my Dad being a bit of a DJ in London had a great vinyl collection.”

“I didn’t think much about vinyl again until I was about 21 when a friend went to a big second-hand market sale and picked out a present for me—I love Edith Piaf and she found one of her records. I had the record but no record player.

I drove across Australia, moved from Perth to Melbourne, and this record came with me and I had still not even heard it. It stayed packed up in a box until recently. I’ve now got a record player and finally listened to the Edith Piaf record that I’ve had for 5 years for the first time.

My collection is now growing. On a recent trip to LA I bought several pieces of vinyl including records by Otis Redding, Bob Dylan, and D’Angelo. In Melbourne I’ve been picking up records by the likes of Sam Cooke and Jimi Hendrix.

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Graded on a Curve:
Nina Simone,
Wild Is the Wind

Nina Simone was truly one of a kind. A proud black woman unafraid to sing out about racial inequality—she would later say she wrote her defiant 1964 song “Mississippi Goddamn,” about the ugly events then occurring throughout the South, “in a rush of fury, hatred and determination”—Simone (who was later diagnosed as suffering from bipolar disorder) was notoriously irascible, tempestuous, and unpredictable.

Just how unpredictable? Well, she liked her guns, and once attempted to shoot a record executive whom she accused of stealing royalties. She also pulled a gun on a store clerk who refused to allow her to return a pair of shoes. (Suggestion to shoe clerks—give the woman her damn shoes!) And in 1995 she actually succeeded in shooting a neighbor’s child with an air gun, unhappy because she found his laughter distracting. On the political front she went from preaching nonviolence to subscribing to the notion of violent revolution, and ultimately left the United States in protest against the Vietnam War to live out the remainder of her life in Barbados, Liberia, and various European countries, most notably France.

But all of that—with the exception of her fiery political beliefs and adamant commitment to civil rights, of course—is ultimately irrelevant, because in the end Simone will be judged a singer and songwriter of prodigious talent. From her beginnings as a lounge singer in Atlantic City in the mid-fifties Eunice Kathleen Waymon—who took the stage name Nina Simone because she didn’t want her family to know she was playing the Devil’s Music—developed a style of jazz singing all her own, and while her recorded output slowed after 1970 or so she continued to produce albums until 1993. (She died in 2003 in southern France.)

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TVD’s Press Play

Press Play is our Monday recap of the new and FREE tracks received last week to inform the next trip to your local indie record store.

Three For Silver – The Way We Burn
Broken Bellows – In the Deep
The Woggles – Hard Times
Matt Tarka – Time Travels
The March Divide – Cherry Bomb
Tree Machines – Fade On
PARENTZ – Single

The Church – Another Century

Peace to Mateo – Thinking of You
Renraku – Gravity Well
Cross Culture – Faded Away
Blank Space – Promiscuous Mortality (Demo)
GoodLuck – Find Me In The Forest (PaulWetz Remix)
R.Kelly – Ignition (Pink Panda “The Good Life” Remix)
Tommy SPITZ – King Spitzo
MORTEN – China White

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In rotation: 7/31/17

So long and thanks for all the noise: Permanent Records closing in September: Ukrainian Village just got way less cool. Permanent Records announced they’ll be closing their location at 1914 W. Chicago after 11 years. News like this is always depressing for vinyl lovers, but the silver lining as at least they aren’t going out of business. Permanent has three other locations in Los Angeles, which the owners will be focusing on full time…As their lease was coming to an end, the decision had to be made. They are considering any offers on the store if anyone with a bit of extra scratch is looking to own a record store. Otherwise, the remaining inventory will be finding its way to Hollywood.

Kindercore Vinyl brings innovation and sustainability to record pressing in Athens, GA: Kindercore Vinyl is taking advantage of recent technological advances in the industry with the cutting-edge WarmTone press from Canadian firm Viryl Technologies. The WarmTone incorporates automation and data science into the pressing process to ensure more consistent results, allowing KCV to modernize a process long plagued by bottlenecks and inconsistencies. The pressing plant’s commitment to modernizing record-pressing doesn’t stop there. Chief Technical Officer Dan Geller, a research engineer with experience in developing plant-based alternatives to fuels and other products, is working to revolutionize the materials of the records themselves.

The Ebow Gallery launch ‘Cassettes vs Vinyl’ exhibition: ‘Cassettes Vs Vinyl’ is a music-themed art exhibition with work by The Specials’ bass player, Horace Panter, and artist friends Morgan Howell and Chris Barton. A study of the transient nature of pop music culture, the Ebow Gallery takes on the look of a record store filled with paintings, prints and sculptures of supersized collectables and mixtapes evoking the analogue era and the musicians and songs who were a part of it. Goldenplec had the pleasure of a visit on the opening night and we can confirm, it’s a visual treat for music fans…This one is an immersive pleasure, we’d highly recommend a visit.

Grandmaster Flash admits much of his record collection came from ex-girlfriends: Grandmaster Flash has his ex-girlfriends to thank for helping him build the basis of his record collections, which helped inspire his legendary hip-hop career. In a recent interview with AM New York, Grandmaster Flash was discussing his early influences when he told a story about how he used to play with his father’s records and turntable after he left to go to work. At some point Flash decided he needed to accumulate his own records, which is when he tapped the families of his ex-girlfriends…Today Flash’s vinyl collection is vast, with an eclectic mix of rock, jazz, soul, funk and pop. It’s these very records that led to a string of DJ innovations that helped evolve the craft. Big up the exes for the crucial contribution to music history.

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TVD’s The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

Oh I am a lonely painter / I live in a box of paints / I’m frightened by the devil / And I’m drawn to those ones that ain’t afraid / I remember that time that you told me, you said / “Love is touching souls” / Surely you touched mine ’cause / Part of you pours out of me / In these lines from time to time

Just the other day a number of female writers at NPR posted a list of “the greatest albums made by women between 1964 and the present.” They said it’s to be an “intervention, a remedy, a correction of the historical record and hopefully…”

…the start of a new conversation? Well, hey ladies! Let’s get our playlist on!

Although some of the selections are obviously political—therefore “whack”—everyone loves a playlist in the summer 2017. Even if it puts Beyonce up there with Joni and Aretha…no stress. A playlist is a playlist and the women at NPR have been on the same wavelength with me this week. Turns out, I have been digging through steamy crates selecting some of my favorite heroines on wax for this week’s Idelic Hour “All Girls” playlist.

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TVD Live Shots: Sufjan Stevens at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, 7/20

The four talented musicians in Sufjan Stevens’ band were joined by a variety of additional performers on string and wind instruments for their Los Angeles show at Hollywood Forever Cemetery—the third of the four shows scheduled. The ensemble took the large crowd of humans scattered along the vast lawn on an otherworldly journey.

Stevens walked on stage covered in glitter and wearing clothes with a hodgepodge of patterns that were almost as colorful as the extravagant light show that accompanied the performance. He discussed science, the chaos of the universe, and human existence in between songs. Stevens reminded us all of what’s really important in this life following their song “Sun,” being that “the center of all things is light and love.”

As the band explored infinity and the universe, one couldn’t help but take note of the irony of the venue for their thought-provoking performance. The surroundings were none other than the cemetery of Hollywood Forever, reminding us all of our limited time here on Earth. Despite the exploration of the entire solar system, Stevens claimed Earth is his favorite planet and called upon everyone in the audience to do their part in taking care of it. “We need to do the good work we were called to do.”

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TVD Radar: …And
You Will Know Us By
The Trail Of Dead’s Source Tags & Codes
15th anniversary
reissue in stores 8/11

VIA PRESS RELEASE | …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead’s landmark album, Source Tags & Codes, will be released as an expanded vinyl edition on August 11 via Interscope/UMe to commemorate its 15th anniversary.

Housed in a gatefold sleeve, the album, which will also be available digitally, will be pressed on black vinyl as a double LP for the first time ever and include three tracks previously only available on various rare and international releases (“Invocation,” “Life Is Elsewhere,” and “Blood Rites”). The back cover will be a replica of the Japanese version which features a drawing of a teenage boy while the iconic image of a cackling Henry Miller from the compact disc and North American back cover will be represented with a unique etching on Side D of the second LP. A very limited amount of 500 copies will be available on midnight navy vinyl exclusively via The Sound of Vinyl, available for pre-order here.

Few albums in 2002 were as highly anticipated as Trail of Dead’s major label debut, Source Tags & Codes, which saw the band making the leap from venerable indie Merge Records to Interscope. Having already amassed a rabid fanbase off the strength of two acclaimed albums and their legendary, nihilistic live shows, the Austin, Texas-based band—fronted by dual vocal powerhouses and multi-instrumentalists Conrad Keely and Jason Reece and rounded out with Neil Busch and Kevin Allen—had many waiting with bated breath to see what their move to the majors would produce.

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Satchmo SummerFest kicks off next week
with live performances on WWOZ

TVD is proud to be a media sponsor for Satchmo SummerFest for the sixth year in a row. On Thursday and Friday we’ll have previews of the annual festival which has moved back to the Old U.S. Mint after a year in Jackson Square, and reviews the following week. New Orleans’ community radio station, WWOZ (90.7 FM), will feature live performances during a preview week beginning Monday, July 31.

All of the performers are also scheduled at the festival and listeners can tune in via terrestrial radio or online at

The first performance on Monday will feature vocalist Topsy Chapman and her singing daughters in the group Solid Harmony. They will play during the Jazz from the French Market show at 5:30 PM. Chapman is an inventive vocalist grounded in the New Orleans traditions of jazz and gospel. On Tuesday morning, one of the youngest brass bands in the city, the Red Wolf Brass Band, will appear on the traditional jazz show at 10 AM.

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Pixies’ Joey Santiago:
In-store with TVD at
DC’s Som Records

PHOTOS: RICHIE DOWNS | It’s become somewhat of a common practice when we’re coordinating our In-store at Som Records shoots, when there’s a band involved, to suggest that at least 2 members try to be available for the filming. Over time we’ve found that this lends itself to comfortable on camera interaction and more free flowing conversation and ultimately a stronger outcome—although we’ve been pleasantly surprised in the past among several solo outings.

Which brings us to the Pixies whose tour came through Washington, DC a number of weeks back in support of their current release Head Carrier. Happily their record store friendly team was open to our request to participate and offered that Mr. Joey Santiago—the band’s vinyl aficionado—would be delighted to come by for a hang and a record rummage. “Fantastic!” we replied and suggested that an additional Pixie or 2 might benefit the segment as well for the reasons noted above.

“No, no—alllll you’ll need is Joey,” we were told. And that proved easily accurate.

Not only was he just up for the shoot, Santiago popped by the shop the afternoon prior to filming to get the lay of the land and do some pre-shoot browsing. He’s that guy with the vintage audio gear and the attention to detail when it comes to tubes and wires and cables he told us with genuine enthusiasm—and he’s pretty fucking funny too.

So, let’s wait no further—we’re record shopping with the Pixies’ Joey Santiago at Washington, DC’s Som Records.

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Graded on a Curve:
Iggy and the Stooges,
Metallic K.O.

What a disappointment. Here I’ve been hearing about what a definitive live document and astoundingly raw slab o’ Iggy at his Iggiest Metallic K.O. is FOR YEARS, and having put off the fun until this late date because hell you have to have SOMETHING to look forward to in your golden years I discover it ain’t all that.

Sure, the LP positively drips egg-yolk authenticity (“I’ve been egged by better than you,” says the Iggster) but when my favorite moment on an album is a cover of “Louie Louie” I really have to ask myself how much I love that album. And I once heard a better live version of “Louie Louie” by cult legend and very outsider artist Mikey “Mayor of South Street” Wild in Philadelphia, so put that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

Yeah, Metallic K.O. is “live” alright—you get to hear Iggy deliver such cracks as “We’re the hardest working band in the business, I don’t care we’re if the best” and—on the three and one-half minute waste of space called “Iggy Talks”—“Let’s hear it for the singer. I AM the greatest.” But beyond that I don’t know what you’re paying for, besides “Louie Louie” and an okay version of “Raw Power” and a just alright version of “Cock in My Pocket,” which Iggy says was “cowritten by my mother.” Which is my way of saying this is a comedy album, and while I love comedy as much as the next guy I dislike Lou Reed’s live comedy LP Take No Prisoners for a reason.

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In rotation: 7/28/17

Music Trader veteran opens La Mesa record shop: When you think of genius business moves in 2017, opening a used-record shop doesn’t immediately spring to mind. Since the advent of Napster in 1999, the general trend for record stores has been death as opposed to birth. But local shops such as Cow, M-Theory, and Lou’s have all found ways to survive. Now, La Mesa native Nicholas Friesen and his wife Lynn have decided the time is right to open Re-Animated Records. “I’ve been buying and selling collections online, but I’ve worked in stores, too. I know what kind of product just walks through the door and falls in your lap when you have an open door.

Sam the Record Man sign to shine over downtown Toronto square this fall: A restoration project is underway on a giant neon sign that once drew visitors to Toronto’s landmark Sam the Record Man store in the city’s downtown, with plans to have the flashy installation on display by the fall. The sign, composed of two enormous spinning discs on a red background, used to be a familiar sight near the city’s busy Yonge and Dundas square, flashing above the business owned by Sam Sniderman, who was a major promoter of Canadian music. Sniderman’s entire store received heritage status from Toronto in 2007 to preserve the cultural value of the signs.

Other Music Documentary Drops New Trailer Featuring Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig (Watch): For 21 years, independent New York record store Other Music was a mecca for left-leaning music fans and musicians, owned and staffed by hardcore music geeks who made the place into a definitive incarnation of the retail outlet as a tastemaker. And while the store managed to survive as most of its fellow outlets folded in the great post-Napster music-business recession — including the giant Tower Records that was formerly across the street from Other Music’s East 4th Street location — by 2016 its owners saw the writing on the wall and closed it down, prompting many mournful blog posts and even a New Orleans-style second line march from the store to a farewell concert at Bowery Ballroom several blocks away on its last day.

The Incredible Resurgence of Record Players and Vinyl: Don’t believe that vinyl is truly making a comeback? According to Nielsen’s Year-End Report released earlier this year, vinyl LP sales reached 13 million last year, an all-time high since Nielsen started keeping track back in 1991. An even crazier notion is that vinyl records are projected to sell 40 million units this year which could equal close to one billion dollar in sales. This past Christmas you could find LP’s of popular pop artist’s proudly displayed in the music section at Barnes & Noble stores. Even President Obama had a pretty cool turntable setup inside the White House.

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TVD Live Shots: Blink 182 at the O2 Arena, 7/20

I’m not sure I’ve ever taken Blink 182 seriously, and that’s probably what the band wants. The southern California trio has built an impressive career bringing their unique brand of pop punk to the masses, and it’s a success story built on a band who never take themselves too seriously and pushed the world out of a dark place when grunge had everyone muting their colors and drowning in a giant pool of self-inflicted sorrow. 

Fast forward 25 years—yes, I know you are feeling old right now, so am I—7 records and two-thirds of the “original” band are still going strong. So strong that they sold out two nights at London’s famed O2 Arena. Having not seen the band in 20 years or more, I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially since founding member Tom DeLonge’s departure and Alkaline Trio’s frontman joining the group full-time.

Those feelings of uncertainty were laid to rest after the first few songs. Matt Skiba is an absolute rock star and an explosive addition to the band. This guy is half punk rock, half Pete Townsend and fits in so well you would have thought he’d been there since the beginning. He brings a certain edge to the band that had been absent over the years, but not necessarily missing. It’s the dawn of a new chapter for the band since the delivery of that first album with the “new guy”—and in this case they hit it out of the park.

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Ed Volker’s Rattlers to play Chickie Wah Wah Saturday night, 7/29

PHOTO: KIM WELSHEd Volker, the Radiators’ keyboardist, vocalist, and principal songwriter is convening three of the four other members of the legendary New Orleans rock band to perform at Chickie Wah Wah. Joining him for an evening of classics from the Radiators’ extensive catalog will be lead guitarist and singer Dave Malone, bassist Reggie Scanlan, and drummer Frank Bua.

This will be an exceedingly rare and unprecedented performance since the four members of the group will be playing on an intimate stage for the first time in years. According to Volker, he put the group, dubbed the Rattlers, together because, “I wanna rock!”

Since the Radiators disbanded in June 2011, the group has reunited a handful of times including performing three yearly shows around their anniversary as a band and once at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. (The video below is actually from the Jazz Fest performance in 2014. —Ed.)

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