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TVD Live Shots: Shinedown with Ayron Jones at the Wiltern Theatre, 1/28

With Shinedown’s upcoming release Planet Zero right around the corner, fans from all over Southern California packed the Wiltern Theater for their first taste of live music in 2022. Teaming up with guitar legend Ayron Jones, Shinedown blew the proverbial roof off the joint with an 18-song setlist that was sheer perfection from start to finish. Catch their US tour when you can—it’s a must-see in my book.

Who doesn’t love live music? In an “on-again off-again” world, it’s sometimes hard to know if your favorite band or artist is actually taking the stage or might have to be rescheduled down the road due to a covid outbreak. This was not the case with Shinedown show at the Wiltern Theater, as this one went off without a hitch on a beautiful Friday evening in the City of Angels. Brent Smith and Company left it all on the table in front of a capacity crowd.

First up was guitarist virtuoso Ayron Jones, and man was he special. I’m not saying that he’s Jimi Hendrix reincarnated, but good lord this guy is a special talent. Only playing nine songs, I felt a bit cheated knowing how killer his full catalog actually is. However, of the nine he played, all were home runs and left little to the imagination when the dust settled. My favorites of the evening were obviously “Mercy” and “Take Me Away,” but couldn’t help but love the Nirvana of “Breed.” Wow. I’m looking to the iHeart Radio Awards on March 22nd where Ayron is up for the Best New Rock Artist award. Based on what I saw during this performance, I bet the farm he wins pulling away.

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TVD Radar: Richard Thompson, (Guitar, Vocal) A Collection Of Unreleased And Rare Material 1967–1976 reissue in stores 3/25

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Richard Thompson’s 1976 album of (at the time) career-spanning retrospective unreleased recordings – (Guitar, Vocal) A Collection Of Unreleased and Rare Material 1967-1976 – will be reissued on double 180-gram vinyl March 25th via Island/UMe in celebration of its 45th anniversary.

The album, which features tracks from his time with the Fairport Convention, music recorded with his ex-wife Linda Thompson and as a solo artist, is available to pre-order now. (Guitar, Vocal) A Collection Of Unreleased and Rare Material 1967-1976 was originally released in 1976 after Richard and his wife Linda announced their retirement from the music business. As the album’s title suggests, this is a collection of unreleased recordings made over an eight-year period which spans Richard’s early years recording with the Fairport Convention as well as the time he spent performing and recording as a duo with wife Linda.

Thankfully, this did not transpire to be Richard’s final piece of recorded work, but did become an essential record to fans of Richard’s work giving an alternate perspective on his early career. Following an almost two year hiatus, Richard and Linda returned and released ‘First Light (Richard and Linda Thompson album)’ in 1978 and Richard has remained a prolific songwriter and one of the most respected British folk artists of all time releasing, to date, 22 studio albums and 14 live albums.

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Graded on a Curve: Charlie Musselwhite, Stand Back! Here Comes Charley Musselwhite’s South Side Band

Celebrating Charlie Musselwhite on his 78th birthday.Ed.

Though their number continues to gradually dwindle, a few severe sticklers do persist in maintaining that the blues up and died when its essence got plugged into an amplifier. This hard-line stance is an easy one to shrug off, but there is also larger numbers of folks subscribing to the notion that the 1960s initiated the electric blues’ long slow decline. A quick fix for this faulty line of thinking is to cozy up to a copy of Stand Back! Here Comes Charley Musselwhite’s South Side Band.

By 1967, deep Chicago blues was in a dual position of having established an inextricable connection to the popular sounds of the day (student Stones sitting at the feet of teacher Howlin’ Wolf on Shindig, assorted garage rock covers of “Baby Please Don’t Go,” the growing popularity of Eric Clapton) while simultaneously being in commercial remission, with the blues’ core audience ditching the stuff in droves and heading for the climes of increased sophistication. At least that’s what some music history books tell us.

To clarify a bit, the Chicago blues continued to thrive as live club music, and where a national company like Chess was scrambling to contemporize their marquee stars Wolf and Muddy Waters for the swelling consumer market of the rock generation, there were also far more humble and sensible labels like Chicago’s own Delmark and the wide-ranging folk-oriented imprint Vanguard, with both stepping up to promote the undying oomph of unadulterated Windy City sounds.

Still a few years away was Alligator Records’ unleashing of the amazing Hound Dog Taylor, but in 1967 (some reports insist 1966) Vanguard was wise enough to wax up Stand Back! It serves as the long-playing debut from Memphis’ Charlie Musselwhite and also as one of the most fully formed first efforts of its decade; along the way the label roped in blues scholar Sam Charters as producer, commissioned liner notes from the estimable Pete Welding, and then made sure to misspell Musselwhite’s first name on the cover. And it’s a bummer that far too few current listeners know the guy by either variation.

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TVD Radar: The Podcast with Evan Toth, Episode 61: Jacob Plasse

Jacob Plasse is the producer of—and a musician in—the critically acclaimed Cuban big band, Orquesta Akokán and he is my guest on this episode.

Jacob and the group found great success with their first self-titled, Grammy nominated album and they have returned with another electrifying set of tunes highlighting and elevating their love of Cuban music, specifically within the mambo genre. The new LP is titled, 16 Rayos.

Jacob tells us about the dedicated cast of characters involved in this project and he takes us on a deeper dive into what mambo really is. We also discuss how Plasse captured the authentic mambo sound that was so prevalent in pre-revolution Cuba and what it was like recording this album on location in the country’s famed and state-run, Egrem Studios.

It’s curious that in our day and age, a time when we have immediate access to so much culture, that most of us stay focused on the same old familiar performers and genres. When was the last time you really challenged yourself to listen to something out of your comfort zone, perhaps something in another language? Exercises like this are important for any music lover, so if you’re due for such a foray, then Orquesta Akokán might be just what the doctor ordered. And if that’s what your doctor ordered, then you’ve also got a pretty cool doctor.

Evan Toth is a songwriter, professional musician, educator, radio host, avid record collector, and hi-fi aficionado. Toth hosts and produces The Evan Toth Show and TVD Radar on WFDU, 89.1 FM. Follow him at the usual social media places and visit his website.

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Graded on a Curve: Boston,
Don’t Look Back

The finest band to ever escape Planet Earth on a mammoth guitar-shaped spaceship topped with a snow globe of the Boston skyline, Boston took the solar system by storm with their eponymous 1976 debut, which boasted more hits than Joe DiMaggio. With songwriter, guitarist and MIT-trained musical inventor Tom Scholz at the helm, Boston was the epitome of corporate rock—buffed to a fine sheen, overblown, but catchy as a Red Sox center fielder.

Two long years passed before Boston released Don’t Look Back, amidst legal squabbles with Epic Records and Scholz’s legendary perfectionism. One gets the sense that, had he had his way, Don’t Look Back wouldn’t have seen the light of day until 2078. Anything less than one hundred years, in Tom’s view, and you were listening to a demo. As it was, the follow-up to Don’t Look Back, Third Stage, wouldn’t see the light of day until 1986, and something tells me the LP had to be pried from his fingers as he screamed, “There’s a note on track three I’ve been working on for two years and still can’t get right!”

But Scholz’s perfectionism cost the band plenty. Two years were a long time in an era that saw the advent of punk, and by 1978 many of the band’s fans had moved on to newer, edgier sounds. I loved Boston, but come Don’t Look Back I’d forgotten all about them. They may as well have been a fossil in a natural history museum.

And it’s not as if Scholz’s fussiness paid off in a masterpiece. Sure, the title track is as good, or better, than just about every song on Boston, but it failed to distract listeners from the fact that the songs on Don’t Look Back simply aren’t as good as the ones on the band’s debut. But lately I’ve been wondering—is Don’t Look Back as great a disappointment as I’ve always thought? Or rather a top of the line slab of vinyl with zero chance of surpassing the band’s unsurpassable debut?

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In rotation: 1/31/22

Cheltenham, UK | The tiny Cheltenham record shop that opens just twice a week but ‘makes good money.’ “The enthusiasm for vinyl has never gone away.” You could easily walk or drive past a tiny independent record shop in Cheltenham and assume it didn’t make much money. For a start, it’s not often open – officially just two days a week in fact and even then only for five hours each day. It’s very small and looks modest. There’s no flashy sign, just a simple one that says ‘The record shop.’ And a large number of the records, the singles, cost just 50p. But, according to owner Martyn Hooper, you would be wrong to think the business wasn’t financially viable. He insists that The Independent Record Shop Ltd, to give it its formal title, does very nicely as a result of his network of contacts in the buying and selling of records market. That means he can sell large numbers of records, either in the shop or at auctions.

Capetown, ZA | Cape Town’s The Other Records opens new HQ: With vinyl alongside books, gear, and merch. Cape Town record shop The Other Records has re-open in a new, expanded location. The Other Records originally launched in 2018, in Cape Town’s Observatory neighbourhood. In addition to records, the shop now stocks books, gear, and merchandise. The store also features custom-built speakers created by Phil Kramer. “If you’re a record label or an artist, and you’ve got merch, music, books or whatever you think is fun, please reach out to us! We want it in the shop,” shares the store. The Other Records is located at 1 Park Rd, Gardens, Cape Town, open Wednesdays through Sundays from 12pm – late.

Amarillo, TX | High Fidelity Vinyl and CD’s is moving to a new location: A long time record store is moving to a new location at the start of February here in Amarillo. High Fidelity Vinyl and CD’s is moving to 2818, Southwest 6th street. The new building will be next to the Roseberry and the 806 on route 66. Record store owner Ray Wilson says: “We’re hoping to be fully moved in around the first through the 3rd of February.” High Fidelity will be able to add much more to their inventory from more vinyl records and CD’s to buttons, T-shirts, and other accessories associated with vinyl records. At High Fidelity, you can find many classic records along with a great music environment. Wilson says: “I just think that you know, vinyl records and CDs and stuff like that. They’re there. They’re not just hip, they’re just, they’re a really cool and very personal part of listening to music.”

The best record cover artwork of 2021 has been revealed: This year’s winning design marks the first time a record with interchangeable artwork has been chosen for the title. The best record cover design of the last year has been announced as artist and designer Paul Phillips’ artwork for Villagers’ fifth studio album Fever Dreams. Phillips’ artwork becomes the 17th winner of the Best Art Vinyl Award, and the first to have designed a record cover with interchangeable artwork. Fever Dreams was chosen by public vote from a shortlist of 50, which itself was chosen by a panel of designers, artists and music industry experts. Phillips, who works in Brighton under the name True Spilt Milk Designs, developed the concept for the artwork by playing with scale, which is a common feature in his work. The main cover features an indeterminate figure floating on the surface of a pool, while a doe sleeps on the tiles along the edge. A bright constellation of stars floats over the scene. Overlooking the pool is a huge brown bear, looming mountainous in the background. “I like themes of beguilement and being overwhelmed as I’ve struggled over the years with my own mental health and the subjects of anxiety and being overwhelmed are prevalent in my work,” says Phillips.

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TVD’s The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

In my soul / My blood and my bones / I have wrapped your cold bodies around me / The face on you / The smell of you / Will always be with me

Each of these my three babies / I was not willing to leave / Though I tried, I blasphemed and denied / I know they will be returned to me

Each of these my babies / Have brought you closer to me / No longer mad like a horse / I’m still wild but not lost / From the thing that I’ve chosen to be

Thought for today’s Idelic Hour: although this deep winter quarantine that started over the holidays finds us healthy, our mental state is “taxed.” At some points of the day we’re productive and smiling, at other moments we’re like kites on a windy day.

This episode #4 comes at the tail end of a long January. Thanks to my daughter Zoe for being an inspiration and adding once again to this week’s playlist.

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New Release Section: Bloc Party, “The Girls
Are Fighting”

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Today, Bloc Party share their new single “The Girls Are Fighting,” the second track from their forthcoming sixth studio album, Alpha Games, due Friday April 29th via Infectious / BMG. Alpha Games is the band’s first studio album since 2016’s Hymns. The song’s release is accompanied with an official video directed by Cameron Ward and produced by Luke Filz.

Following last November’s raucous “Traps,” “The Girls Are Fighting” continues the band’s return to their classic sound—this time as front man Kele Okereke narrates a night out gone sour: “The bouncer’s made a movie, upload it to Worldstar … There’s blood on the dancefloor, extensions on the bar.”

Kele says of the track: “There was no specific incident that inspired this song—it was more a composite of lots of things I’ve seen over the years when being in clubs and seeing violence erupt with feuding love rivals. I’ve always had a slight obsession with those sorts of moments; like a fuse being lit, when actions turn from words into violence. You can learn a lot about who people really are in those moments.”

“I think ‘The Girls Are Fighting’ is kind of self-explanatory—someone’s been selling dreams to someone they shouldn’t have and it’s caught up with them. I just wanted to capture that moment of going from naught to ten in an evening, in a sweaty nightclub. I’m really pleased with the arrangement for this track because it has this 1970s glam rock feel meets Adam Ant feel. I love what Louise is doing on the tom toms.”

The new single arrives accompanied by a high energy video featuring the band, taking place in the legendary Repton Boxing Club, an old Victorian Bath House in East London’s Bethnal Green turned boxing club, where the Kray twins famously trained.

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TVD Radar: Record
Store Day: The Most Improbable Comeback
of the 21st Century

from Larry Jaffee in stores 4/12

VIA PRESS RELEASE | In 2007, record stores were told that they were over, relegated to a footnote in the history of modern music.

Instead of reading their own obituary, a bunch of record store owners decided to throw a party with their friends, some of whom happened to be among the greatest musicians and bands around. In the past fifteen years, that party has grown, exponentially and worldwide, becoming the largest single-day music event in the world, and accidentally relaunching the vinyl format, a physical medium that, in 2021, saw its greatest sales in three decades, and challenges streaming services for supremacy with music fans. How did that happen? Who were the people behind it? Why did they succeed beyond all odds?

Record Store Day: The Most Improbable Comeback of the 21st Century tells this story in the voices of the artists who love them, the people who founded Record Store Day, and the people who make up a record store: those who run them, those who shop in them and those who make the music they love in them. Written by Larry Jaffee, a New York-based journalist, editor, and teacher at Mercy College and the New York Institute of Technology, and Conference Director for the Making Vinyl series of conferences.

Hardbound and trade paperback editions are available at indie record stores, bookstores and other booksellers starting April 12, and a limited edition Think Indie x RSD + Vinyl edition, a hardback book packaged with an album of tracks recorded at record stores around the US (featuring Paul McCartney, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Billie Eilish, Brandi Carlile, Imagine Dragons, Jason Isbell + the 400 Unit, Justin Townes Earle, Regina Spektor, Frightened Rabbit, Mudhoney, and Jose Gonzalez) comes to record stores on April 23.

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New Release Section: Laibach, “Ich will ein Deutscher sein”

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Laibach today announce details of a new album, Wir sind das Volk (Ein Musical aus Deutschland), out March 25 on Mute. The record will be available on digital platforms as well as a deluxe CD format with extensive sleeve notes. A double vinyl edition will follow on June 10.

The album collates music from the acclaimed theatrical production Wir sind das Volk (“We are the People”), which premiered at Hebbel am Ufer (HAU) theater in Berlin on February 8, 2020. Two more shows were performed before the production was halted due to the pandemic. In 2021 Laibach opened the Klagenfurt Festival with a Slovenian version of the same production and performed two more sold out shows at Ljubljana’s Kino Šiška. Performances will resume in March at Berlin’s HAU with more confirmed for Zagreb, Ljubljana, Hamburg, Maribor and in the Cultural Capital of Europe, Novi Sad. Full details below.

Wir sind das Volk is based upon the writings of Heiner Müller (1929-1995), one of the most significant German-speaking playwrights since Brecht. Laibach’s own association with the theater began in 1984 when they composed music for Heiner Müller’s Quartet, a play that was presented at the Slovenian National Theatre in Ljubljana. The following year they met Müller in Berlin who suggested that they collaborate. Müller went on to use Laibach’s music in a production, but the collaboration never happened until the head of the International Heiner Müller Society, Anja Quickert, proposed a posthumous project based on Müller’s texts.

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TVD Radar: The Podcast with Evan Toth, Episode 60: Mixing Engineers Arthur Stoppe and Jim Gallagher

Sure, there’s Detroit’s Motown, Los Angeles’ famed music scene, and we know all about the great records that were recorded and produced in New York City. However, during a certain, special period of time in the 1970s, Philadelphia reigned supreme. Philadelphia International Records was founded in 1971 by songwriting and production team Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff and their partner, Thom Bell. During their heyday, the label produced 170 gold and platinum records, many of which still remain radio mainstays.

Philadelphia International had its signature sound: slick and professional, full of angelic voices, lush strings and solid bass which was recorded at Philly’s famed Sigma Sound Studios. Two of the men who were behind the mixing board during many of these sessions were Arthur Stoppe and Jim Gallagher. They both join me for this episode to discuss two beautiful box sets recently released by United Soul and Philadelphia International Records. The first is The Sound of Philadelphia, Volume 1: Get on Board the Soul Train and the second is The Sound of Philadelphia Volume 2: Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Arthur and Jim let us in on some secrets related to these historic records, how they really feel about analog and digital recordings, and what was in the water in Philadelphia during the 1970s where all of this musical magic was allowed to happen. I don’t know if you’re hungry, but this episode might be served up best with your neighborhood’s finest cheesesteak; go ahead and order, just hit pause first. We’ll wait here.

Evan Toth is a songwriter, professional musician, educator, radio host, avid record collector, and hi-fi aficionado. Toth hosts and produces The Evan Toth Show and TVD Radar on WFDU, 89.1 FM. Follow him at the usual social media places and visit his website.

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Graded on a Curve:
Fever Dog,
Alpha Waves

Growing up I listened to the sort of mainstream rock that can be summed up in one word: Boston. The New York Dolls, the Velvet Underground, the Ramones—never heard of them. Iggy and the Stooges—you’ve got to be kidding. But Boston? I smoked my very first joint listening to “More Than a Feeling.” In fact it’s safe to say I smoked my first ten joints to “More Than a Feeling.” I still catch a whiff of low-grade reefer when I hear the song.

It’s for this reason that Fever Dog hit me where I live. The Palm Desert, California trio sound like they spent their formative years listening to the records I loved when I was fifteen. Any band whose songs evoke the sounds of Styx, the Sweet, T. Rex, and Gary “Dream Weaver” Wright is my kind of band. Fire a bullet in their direction and I will throw myself in front of that bullet. Gladly.

Haters of 2021’s Alpha Waves will no doubt argue that populist MOR rock is no longer popular, but a thing of rock’s Pleistocene past. They will then point out–correctly–that scientists recently discovered its tusks beneath 12 feet of permafrost in the Russian Far East. But I knew elitist punks like this growing up. They’d have sooner gnawed their own ears off than be caught listening to Kansas’ Leftoverture.

Yet, those of us who thought the synthesizer intro to Steve Miller’s “Fly Like an Eagle” was the spaciest thing to come along since Atom Heart Mother. Except we didn’t know Atom Heart Mother existed. Our knowledge of Pink Floyd extended to Dark Side of the Moon, who just happen to be another one of Fever Dog’s influences.

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In rotation: 1/28/22

Grand Rapids, MI | GRPL urges patrons to take new vinyl collection ‘for a spin.’ The Grand Rapids Public Library is launching vinyl record collections at two of its locations. If you walk into the West Side or Main Library of GRPL you may see a new sign that reads, “take our new vinyl collection for a spin.” The library district announced Tuesday that it will be adding vinyl records to its music collections. It will also be providing relaxing spots to enjoy the tunes. The records will be featured at the West Side and main libraries. “This is a great way to explore new music without investment,” said Jen VanderHeide, GRPL’s Collection Services Coordinator, in a statement. “These new spaces are relaxing spots to listen to vinyl, leisurely browse, and discuss great music.” Both the West Side and Main Branch locations will have listening stations set up where people can use library turntables to listen to albums. They can also borrow portable record players to use at home. You can check out up to five records at a time.

Baton Rouge, LA | Sifting through the records, CDs, video games and more at The Exchange in Mid City: Walking into The Exchange on Government Street is like walking into a treasure trove of tangible media of the past. No matter what you’re looking for—vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, video games—you’re sure to find some hidden gems in this store. It’s hard not to, considering they are stacked everywhere as high as the ceilings. Owner Victor Holiday says he’s been collecting merchandise for the store since he first opened the doors in 2005. He has acquired quite the spread by picking up other people’s old collections and hunting at different “buy, sell and trade” shops. The result is a music and media lover’s dream in a space no bigger than your average convenience store. “Being a small store, people assume you won’t have a variety, so I try to touch on a little of everything,” Holiday says. “I have all the big genres of music and movies, and I even carry those little niche subgenres, too.”

Dallas, TX | Break-ins at Top Ten Records and several more W. Jefferson businesses: Burglars or vandals smashed windows and glass doors at multiple businesses along the 300 block of W. Jefferson Wednesday morning. Police were on the scene at about 9 a.m. “They got a bunch of them,” one of them says. Top Ten Records, Atomic Home Supply, CBD American Shaman and Liberty Shoes were among the visibly affected. Top Ten, which in addition to being Dallas’ oldest record store also is a musical archive and nonprofit, only suffered damage to the front door. Top Ten store manager Leslie Vanravenswaay says it seems a/some hoodlum/s (my word, not hers) threw rocks through five or six different buildings. “That’s what it looked like—rock through the window and they didn’t take anything, and we got lucky” she says. “Because they did take some stuff from some other businesses.”

Warren, MI | Longtime Clawson staple Flipside Records moves to Berkley: New location open for curbside service. Nearly 40 years after opening its Clawson location in 1983, Flipside Records said goodbye to the “Little City with a Big Heart” and hello to Berkley. After losing the space due to a landlord dispute, owner Todd Fundaro is making the most of the change. The new operation is located inside a stand-alone building that used to house a dry cleaners at 3099 Coolidge Highway, south of 12 Mile Road. Fundaro said the Berkley location offers more parking and is more walkable. The move has included a number of challenges, he said, including moving nearly all the inventory from the Clawson strip mall to the Berkley store in a matter of days; difficulty finding reliable, licensed contractors; and the resulting delays in the permitting process. He hopes to open Flipside’s doors as soon as possible, but in the meantime, the store began offering curbside service Jan. 17.

Vinylly Dating App Featured in New TyDi and JES Music Video: Vinylly, the Dating App that Matches Users Based on Music Compatibility, is the Focal Point of the Latest EDM Music Video: Vinylly, the dating app that matches users based on music compatibility, was the focus for EDM duo TyDi and JES’ music video for their new song Just Believe, which was released on Jan. 14. The music video addresses the obstacles and pitfalls that many singles face as they stumble through the dating world. It follows six individuals who go on various failed dates, each time seeing signs that point them to downloading Vinylly. Eventually, they all end up at a record store and find their musical match while browsing through albums, ultimately building a true connection through their shared love for music. “When I first heard this song, it instantly transported me back to the reason why I created Vinylly in the first place,” said Rachel Van Nortwick, Vinylly’s CEO and founder.

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TVD Radar: The Beatles and India doc premiering on BritBox 2/15

VIA PRESS RELEASE | “When I first heard Indian music, I just couldn’t really believe that it was so great, and the more I heard of it, the more I liked it. It just got bigger and bigger, like a snowball.”George Harrison

Post Summer of Love, in 1968 the world’s most popular rock and roll band, The Beatles had achieved mass fame and fortune yet were searching for deeper meaning in their lives. Under the spiritual guidance of Indian guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, The Beatles took a trip to Rishikesh, India to study transcendental meditation and set out on a path of deep enlightenment that would change the world.

Slated for release on February 15 via BritBox in North America, the streaming service from BBC Studios and ITV, the award-winning feature documentary, The Beatles And India (Silva Screen Productions, Renoir Pictures) examines how Indian music and culture shaped the music of John, Paul, George, and Ringo and in turn, explores how The Beatles served as ambassadors of this pioneering World music sound and cultural movement.

Drawing together an expansive archive of footage including contemporaneous locale shooting in India, recordings, photographs, and compelling first-hand interviews, The Beatles And India exhaustively documents this East meets West touchstone in pop culture history. Purloining inspiration from Ajoy Bose’s book Across The Universe – The Beatles In India, the documentary is produced by British Indian music entrepreneur Reynold D’Silva and directed by Bose (his directorial debut) and cultural researcher Pete Compton. The Beatles And India has been awarded Best Film Audience Choice and Best Music at the 2021 UK Asian Film Festival “Tongues On Fire.”

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TVD Radar: Pere Ubu, Nuke The Whales
4LP box set
in stores 4/1

VIA PRESS RELEASE | New four disc box set newly remixed by David Thomas. Includes Why I Luv Women, Long Live Père Ubu!, Lady From Shanghai, and Carnival Of Souls. Fans can purchase an early copy of the box set at the Canterbury Tales live show 11th February ft. David Thomas & Two Pale Boys, Bob Holman, and Rats on Rafts.

Rewriting the history of music, Pere Ubu continue to confound convention and shift personnel. Nuke The Whales traces the innovative process between 2006 and 2014; turning possible pulp fiction into art, providing a musical adaptation of the 1896 play that gave them their name, scoring the 1962 film Carnival Of Souls and re-inventing the very concept of recording music on Lady Of Shanghai. Nuke The Whales is a nod of respect to a couple in Cleveland who would daub such messages over the big news stations’ advertising boards.

All four albums have been remixed by David Thomas in 2021; the renamed Why I LUV Women originally released on Glitterhouse in 2006 bore the line, “This is an irony-free recording,” it gains its first vinyl release. David Thomas says “I did an album of love songs. I studied the question of why I love women and I was concerned of people not accessing the deeper level on the songs, so I threw in the John Thompson-esque title to throw people off—or on to—the scent. It ended up in garbage bins in radio stations despite a full explanatory press release. You need me to spell it out? I spell it out for you on this release.”

Long Live Père Ubu! was originally released on Cooking Vinyl in 2009, and Lady From Shanghai, their Fire debut for Fire in 2013 and its follow up Carnival Of Souls released the following year, complete the set.

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