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The Vinyl Heart Record Release Party at Asbury Lanes, 2/13

Have you ever seen something that seemed so obvious that you’re disappointed you didn’t think of it yourself? I’m talking about a good, simple idea that seems like it’s always been there and someone was just smart enough to not just think of it, but organized enough to put it in motion, and resourceful enough to get it done.

That’s kind of what The Vinyl Heart is. Yes, over the years Asbury Park has been a regular stop for many nationally touring bands, but perhaps more important its cultivated its own scene in and around town. Bands like Brick & Mortar, Chemtrail, and Wreaths have all gained strong followings, and as performance venues for new bands have dried up over the last few years, places like the Saint, the Wonder Bar, and Asbury Lanes have become all the more important in offering a stage to bands heading out into the great, foggy void that is rock music in the year 2015.

So why not celebrate it? Why not get a bunch of local bands together to contribute a song and then have it pressed to vinyl? And why not get the very people who come out to the shows and are keeping the scene alive to chip in and cover some of the costs? And while we’re at it, let’s have a release party for the thing at one of these places? It seems like a simple idea and maybe it is—but it had to be a lot of work.

Zak Kaplan, creator of the project describes it thusly on the Vinyl Heart Facebook page: “There has never been a more exciting time for our community than now. As the city continues to grow, many amazing bands have formed from it, and they pack the local clubs on a weekly basis. Vinyl Heart is an extension of this—a heart-shaped vinyl compilation and local event featuring the music of Smalltalk, Dentist, Seaside Caves, and Trans Charger Metropolis.”

The project blew past its stated goal of $1,000 on the crowdfunding page by offering incentives for each donation—tickets to the show, copies of the record, posters, even full credited sponsorship—which makes you wonder if there’s potential for a sequel to this limited edition run.

So now that the money is raised and the records are being pressed, we are left with the party. This Friday, Valentine’s Day Eve for you sentimental types, at Asbury Lanes all the bands who contributed a song will be performing for a crowd of people who helped make the whole thing happen.




Seaside Caves

Trans Charger Metropolis

Copies of The Vinyl Heart will be available at the show or can be purchased exclusively through Arcade Radio until March 1st.

Doors open at 7pm
Bands start soon after
All ages to see the show
$10 pre-sale tickets at
$12 tickets available the day of the show
Bowling will be open during the show
$10 per person for bowling and shoes

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