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TVD Vinyl Giveaway: Limited, Unreleased L.A. Noire Remixed 12″ Single

L.A. Noire is one hot new video game with one sexy, 1940s jazz-tribute soundtrack. TVD is pleased to be giving away a limited, unreleased 12″ single of two songs from the remix EP of the soundtrack.

A-side has the Midnight Sun (production genius behind Jessica 6 and Midnight Magic) remix of “Hey-Ba-Ba-Re-Bop” by Lionel Hampton. B-side is a Moodymann remix of “That Ole Devil Called Love” by Billie Holiday. These inspiring remixes breathe new life into these classics, and will leave you begging for more.

Lionel Hampton | Hey-Ba-Ba-Re-Bop (Midnight Sun remix)

What makes this giveaway extra sweet is that this 12″ is the kind of unique wax that usually only DJs get to spin. So go ahead, make your friends jealous, enter to win this exclusive vinyl. You will not be disapointed, unless of course, you are not the lucky winner.

Billie Holiday | That Ole Devil Called Love (Moodymann remix)

To enter, tell us in the comment box below, a classic song you think deserves to be revisited and re-loved via remix, besides the ones on the L.A. Noire single.

The winner will be chosen next Friday (6/17) and must have a mailing address in the continental US or Canada.

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TVD Live: Starscape 2011 in Baltimore, 6/4

Once a year, something very strange happens, something that inspires both awe and nausea. Fort Armistead Park, in the outskirts of Baltimore, MD, transforms into a countercultural mecca, uniting every species of music lover in a freakish carnival of civil disobedience and epic bass drops. Yes, the annual Starscape Festival, has come and gone, and I survived to tell the tale.

Besides the music, and endless dance party, I go for extreme people watching. You tend to run into interesting characters: preps dripping head to toe in neon, Jersey Shore rejects, punks, true ravers in their glowing Tron suits/bikinis with fishnets, and every sort of person in between, giving you a sneak peak into the absurdities to come in the next sixteen hours of being bass-fucked.

The venue itself is incredible. Five stages: a main stage, dance tent, beach stage, Steeze Promo bass arena, and the fort stage. The fort is probably my favorite, just because it is like a clubhouse for adults. Grey stone is drenched in graffiti art, some of which happens right before your eyes, and it has a secluded location deep in the woods.

The beach stage is nice for a breather and is lined with vendors offering all sorts of services: food, alcohol, body paint, and all sorts of jewelry and clothing. Location combined with a vast area of spectators—a majority in costume, glitter, and neon—Starscape is a lot like Disney Land. On LSD.

DJ Who, whom we saw at the U-Hall Memorial Weekend Blowout, performed for the VIPs, while we listened from our hiding spot in the rocks of the fort. Skrillex, Bonny More, led a dub-step assault on the beach stage, making my heart beat in rhythm with the bass while I tried to fiddle with a glow-stick. However, I quickly lost my glow-stick, and my confidence, to a fan with moves so impressive, I questioned whether he did anything else in his spare time.

Later that night, there was a stampede to the main stage for Bassnectar, a lineup that also included Israeli trance group Infected Mushroom. I almost didn’t survive the sets due to a demon pixie who made it her mission to keep me and my friends separated in the crowd. It is hard to dance when packed together like sardines, at least that is what I kept telling myself during the endless nudging war between myself and the pixie demon. We finally defeated her, mosh-pit style, but this caused us to be rib-crunchingly close, so we left and went on a much more dangerous mission—to use the Porta Potties.

I don’t know what is more disgusting: using a Porta-Potty after twelve hours of use and sizzling in the hot sun, the amount of trash left behind in the park after the festival died down, or the moment you realize that the dark tan you think you have gotten from being outside all day is actually dirt. Despite the grime, Starscape is a truly out of this world experience. Even if you were not one of the people with pupils the size of quarters.

Starscape: its for the music, the people, the stories, but most importantly, the sixteen hour dance fest.

My feet are still throbbing, and so are the beats in my head.

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All week: Nothing but Ticket Giveaways! The Postelles, 6/11 at Red Palace

An unstoppable Manhattan force, The Postelles grace the stage at Red Palace, this SaturdayJune 11th (with nice boys The Dig). It is a celebration bash in honor of the release of their self-titled debut album, produced by the StrokesAlbert Hammond, Jr. and hits stores tomorrow, June 7th. TVD is giving you lucky folks the chance to win a PAIR of TICKETS to see the show!

High School friends Daniel Balk (Vox/ Rythym Guitar), David Dargahi (Vox/ Lead Guitar), John Speyer (Bass), and Billy Cadden (Percussion) make up this highly praised, and slightly quirky, rock and classic pop quartet.

They have already opened for big names The Kills, Vampire Weekend, Kings of Leon, and Interpol, and have performed at Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza. Rolling Stone magazine gives the “perky and big-hearted” band props, describing their music as “tightly constructed retro rock built on the foundation of new wave and Motown.”

Don’t stay out in the dark when it comes to The Postelles! Check out a few of their videos to see for yourself what all the hype is about.

With the band’s rapidly growing popularity, they have every right to celebrate.

In order to win a pair of tickets and join the party, tell us, in the comment box below, what celebratory song you would have playing in your head when life is going so damn good.

The deadline to enter is Wednesday at Noon.

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TVD Ticket Giveaway: Dengue Fever at the Black Cat, 6/8

By now, the summer heat has taken its toll, and we are all starting to feel it as everything slows down and we succumb to the zombie routines weighing us down. Luckily, TVD has the perfect thing to jolt you out of your summer coma. Dengue Fever is coming to the Black Cat Wednesday, June 8th, and we are giving away a pair of free tickets to the show.

Dengue Fever is like a breathe of fresh, and slightly spicy, air. The playful combinations of genres, from Afro grooves to Cambodian rock, are spotlighted by a cocktail of English and Cambodian lyrics. The LA band continues to please with the release of their new album Cannibal Courtship.

Here is a peak at the new album to help tide you over until the show Wednesday.

The summer-zombie apocalypse is upon us, and music really is the best medicine, but if it can’t save, at least it can give you an epic soundtrack on your way out.

To win your pair of FREE TICKETS, tell us the song you would love to hear as you race down the street being chased by the living-dead, besides, of course, anything from Cannibal Courtship.

Winner will be chosen Tuesday (6/7) at Noon. You will need to confirm the tickets by 5pm that night, so stay on top of your email!

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TVD Recommends Monument Fest, a B’Day Bash to Benefit 826DC at DC9, tomorrow

Thursday, June 2nd, at DC9 (9th and U), the Monument Music and Arts Festival is proud to host a benefit for 826DC, as well as throw their own one year birthday bash, featuring Guards and Xylos.

Monument Festival’s One Year Birthday Celebration
to Benefit 826DC
Thursday, June 2nd
DC9 Night Club
1940 9th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
Doors open at 8:00
$15 in advance
$17 at the door

Monument Festival is a brilliant organization designed to break down band-fan barriers, engaging them both in “forward-thinking causes.” All proceeds for the show go to 826DC, a local affiliate of Dave Egger’s creative writing nonprofit organization. 826DC is an inspirational group, helping students aged 6-18 with creative and expository writing, and working together with teachers to ignite students’ passion to write. So come out and support good people doing good things.

Guards and Xylos are headlining the show after a rare performance by Monument co-founder Brandon Minow. While they are satisfying your inner ear with sweet, sweet music, Award-winning California brewery Lagunitas will be satisfying your thirst with sweet, sweet beer. They have graciously donated a vast selection that will be sold on the cheap, the proceeds going to 826DC.

Read More »

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TVD Ticket Giveaway: Brendan Perry and Robin Guthrie at 6th & I, 5/30 (Memorial Day)

British multi-instrumentalist Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance has been unleashed in America, signing up with The End Records in New York, giving us faster access to his music and the first taste of his new album Ark. Perry will be touring the US, Canada, and Mexico with an old friend, Cocteau Twin’s Robin Guthrie. They kick off their US tour Memorial Day, Monday, May 30th at 6th & I Historic Synagogue, and wouldn’t you know it, we are giving away a pair of tickets to the show!

Perry will be playing songs from Ark and Eye of the Hunter, as well as music from his forthcoming, unrecorded, and unnamed album. You lucky ducks get the first sneak peak.

Prepare to shake up your senses with Robin Guthrie’s unique, dreamy music style and discography… His animated films are the perfect touch to his concerts, making it a truly unforgettable experience. The Scottish artist has been making albums since he was 19, and adds Emeralds to his stack of accomplishments during his thirty-year music legacy.

To win a pair of FREE tickets, all you have to do is tell us your favorite artist who has been making music for as long as you can remember, or maybe, gasp, even longer. Write your musical veteran choice in the comment box below to enter a chance to win tickets for Brendan Perry and Robin Guthrie.

The deadline is noon Friday (5/27), and the winner must confirm by 5pm that night because we’re all off work Monday, so stay on top of your email! Bon chance!

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TVD Ticket Giveaway: Modern Man at Black Cat, 5/20

DC’s own Modern Man is rocking the roof off the Black Cat this Friday (5/20) with Shortstack and Brandon Butler, and The Vinyl District is giving away a FREE pair of tickets!

Modern Man’s Zach Goodin (Guitar), Lee Cain (Vox, Guitar), Matt Dosberg (Bass), and Paul Withers (Drums) form the “analog” rock and roll group, as they describe themselves. We saw them perform at Sweetlife and were blown away, although that could have just been the amp. They are definitely a band to see if you are looking for good music and a good time.

You can check out a few tracks from their first EP, due out this June, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll play them for you Friday night.

Modern Man | My Annoying Tendencies

Modern Man | 1957

This could be the very last show you will go to before the end of the world—the Rapture!—on Saturday!

To win your pair of FREE TICKETS, tell us in the comment section below, the last song you would want to hear before the end of the world.

Please post your entries by noon on Friday (5/20). The winner must confirm by 3pm that day to claim their tickets, so make sure to check your email before then to see if you are the winner! Good luck and enjoy the show!

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