TVD Recommends: Pitchfork Music Festival: Day 2, 7/14

After a music-filled Friday, hopefully you will find yourself heading back to Union Park on Saturday for Round Two. Eighteen bands will take the many stages, and in case you find yourself, once again, overwhelmed, TVD Chicago has some solid Pitchfork recommendations.

Cloud Nothings | 1:45PM | Red Stage

Cloud Nothings began simply as the lo-fi home recordings of singer-songwriter Dylan Baldi. After releasing an EP and an album solo, Baldi is now working with a full band and has taken Cloud Nothings in a whole new direction.

The band’s newest album, Attack on Memory, released last January, finds Dylan straying from his lo-fi origins into a lush post hardcore sound that retains the dynamic pop hooks and lyricism that got Cloud Nothings noticed in the first place. This album is as catchy as it is angst-ridden. Produced by Steve Albini here in Chicago, it’s a huge step forward for Dylan Baldi and his new band. Catch them at 1:45 on the Red Stage and see for yourself.

Youth Lagoon | 3:45PM | Blue Stage

Youth Lagoon is Trevor Powers’ lo-fi musical project. Hailing from Boise, Idaho, Powers wrote most of his songs between classes and recorded his first album far from anything resembling a professional studio.

This first album, The Year of Hibernation, arrived in September of 2011 with another in the works through Fat Possum Records. Youth Lagoon’s music is both intimate and expansive. Check out the song “Montana” for a perfect example. It is a simple melody with a piano backbeat and steady percussion that builds over the course of four minutes into a grand instrumental composition.

Grimes | 8:40PM | Blue Stage

Grimes is a Canadian dream pop vocalist, beginning her music career in 2010. In just two years, she has signed with 4AD Records, released four albums (the most recent being Visions in 2012), and is an active member in the band L$D as well.

Visions has received wonderful reviews, mostly due to vocalist Claire Boucher’s overflowing creativity and musical exploration. Grimes’ music is largely electronic with the vocals, though still dominant, taking a backseat to the electronic instrumentation. Her music seems almost magical; the soundscapes she crafts can very accurately be described more as dreamscapes. In explaining her work, Boucher describes it as “the only means through which I can be fully expressive. It is both an ethereal escape from, and a violent embrace of, my experience.”

Headlining the Blue Stage on Saturday, we don’t recommend missing these hook-heavy dream pop tunes.

The forthcoming Blood Diamonds Phone Sex 12-inch features Grimes, and will be available 7/24 and this weekend at the 4AD booth at Pitchfork. The edition is limited to 100 copies and is on transparent pink vinyl.

Once again, it looks like we might be hanging around the Blue Stage, but awesome acts like Sleigh Bells on the Green Stage and Wild Flag on the Red are very likely to steal our attention for quite a bit of time as well. Saturday is going to be a tough day. You know where we’ll be; any bands you’re checking out? Tell TVD about who you’re most looking forward to on this date.

The Atlas Moth – 1:00PM – Blue Stage
The Psychic Paramount – 1:00PM – Green Stage
Cloud Nothings – 1:45 – Red Stage
Lotus Plaza – 1:55PM – Blue Stage
Atlas Sound – 2:30PM – Green Stage
Liturgy – 2:50PM – Blue Stage
Cults – 3:20 – Red Stage
Youth Lagoon – 3:45PM – Blue Stage
Flying Lotus – 4:15PM – Green Stage
Nicolas Jaar – 4:45PM – Blue Stage
Wild Flag – 5:15PM – Red Stage
Schoolboy Q – 5:45PM – Blue Stage
Sleigh Bells – 6:15PM – Green Stage
Chromatics – 6:45PM – Blue Stage
Hot Chip – 7:25PM – Red Stage
Danny Brown – 7:40PM – Blue Stage
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – 8:30PM – Green Stage
Grimes – 8:40PM – Blue Stage

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