TVD Live Shots: Better Oblivion Community Center at Lincoln Hall, 3/23

WORDS AND IMAGES: KATE SCOTT | As I stood in a completely packed Lincoln Hall, the guy next to me made a great point: “If you’re over 30, you grew up with Conor Oberst as your lyrical king. And, if you know anything about indie music, then Phoebe Bridgers is your current queen.” Those words really rang true as I watched Better Oblivion Community Center turn the crowd into a big bowl of emotional jelly.

The indie folk supergroup, composed of Oberst and Bridgers, is a bit more aggressive than Bright Eyes and a bit more whimsical than Bridgers’ solo work. The creative chemistry between the two artists makes for completely unique and beautiful music. Case in point, their single “Dylan Thomas” is a harmonious blend of both artists’ voices. Their self-titled debut album puts both Oberst’s and Bridgers’ strengths at the heart of each track, while allowing for a little vulnerability and humility as well.

Their first sold out night at Lincoln Hall was an intimate and powerful performance. With each artist on opposite ends of the modest stage, surrounded by old-fashioned lights and a backdrop of their fictional community center, it felt like we were watching a performance in a garage on a warm summer night.

Bright Eyes and Bridgers’ solo work weren’t forgotten, as the duo played tracks from both projects in between Better Oblivion Community Center songs. The crowd remained silent for most of the performance, aside from singing along or whispering the occasional “I love you” to the band (they heard it every time and smiled in gratitude). It was one of those quintessential nights of indie music.

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