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Janes Addiction

We handed photographer Cary Whitt the reigns on the Janes Addiction experience. Take it in as only a photographer could—straight from the pit.—Ed. 

Friday night at Bunbury Music Festival saw alt-rock heavyweights Jane’s Addiction give the festival a first night act worthy of their billing. The latest incarnation of Jane’s Addiction—Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro, Steven Perkins, and on-again-off-again bass player, Chris Chaney—blazed through a short but satisfying set that thrilled the vast age ranges that populated the crowd of the main stage Friday night.

New songs from last year’s The Great Escape Artist fit fairly well next to classic songs from the Jane’s Addiction canon. Perry and company opened with something newer, “Going Underground,” only to give way to older classics like “Mountain Song,” from 1988’s Nothing’s Shocking, and “Stop,” from 1990’s Ritual De Lo Habitual.

Farrell, now 53, looks and moves like a frontman half his age, stopping only to take swigs off of red wine bottles in between songs. Navarro’s guitar playing prowess and Perkins’ drumming remain Janes’ strong suit, although Farrell can still manage his vocal duties. Throughout the 55-minute set, we were reminded of just how good those two are time and time again, most notably on the song, “Up the Beach” (also from Nothing’s Shocking).

It wasn’t just the band grabbing all the attention, as the stage set up was one that never was equaled in terms of theatrics all weekend. First shown on this year’s Theater of Escapist Tour, it featured everything from suspended brides sporting 30 ft long wedding gowns to gyrating dominatrixes (one of them being Farrell’s wife, Etty) and eye-gouging video walls to boot. Needless to say, there was plenty to take in both visually and sonically.

Toward the end of the set, Perry went off on the curfew of the city, calling “curfew” the dirtiest word he can think of. Soon after, he ranted about freeing Pete Rose and his failed Hall of Fame bids, all this before citing his love for his hometown Dodgers.

Fireworks went off as they closed with a one-song encore of “Jane Says,” a rousing sing-along left mostly to the fans that saw a nice start to a great weekend down by the river.

Set list

Mountain Song
Just Because
Been Caught Stealing
Aint No Right
Up the Beach
Three Days
Ocean Size

Jane Says

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