Spinning the Truth:
H Street Festival

A common expression I hear whenever I mention H Street to Northwesters is “Oh it’s sooo far away, I never get out there.” Yet Saturday at the H Street Festival, there was a mix of the usual Capitol Hill crowd, the Capitol Heights hipsters, DC families, bar industry folks working and hanging out, scene kids, kids who wished they were in the scene, and your usual H street debauchery.

You can see almost a direct correlation with Adams Morgans Day. Ever since Adams Morgans Day (and Adams Morgan itself) started dying off, H Street has continued to grow, grow, grow. I can see it in the bar industry. It used to be that bartenders in Adams Morgan would move to bars on and off of U Street. It seems like most of them are taking the trek out to H Street because the bar industry there on the weekends is continuing to boom. In the words of James Woods, “Death to Video Drome! Long Live the New Flesh!”

Even though it seems like there is a new bar on H Street every two weeks, there is no real day life on H Street yet. Once the boutiques and shopping move in, you will wish you had bought property in the neighborhood. As it is, the nightlife mostly exists on the weekends.

However, as you can see from the photos of the festival, the community was out in full force to support the Atlas District on Saturday. H Street’s renaissance is upon us.

Photo Credit: Lauren Jaslow, Snarky Studios
Editor’s note: Snarky Captions by Ed Metaphysical

I don’t know what’s more impressive, Chad’s sausage or his beard braid.

The three stooges ordered artillery.

This is your brain, this is your brain on “The Weekend.”

I guess the P Funk Mothership must be nearby.

Painting is a full contact sport.

They must be feeling “Guilty of Being White.”

My favorite baked good hangover.

How Americans should celebrate freedom.

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  • http://thevinyldistrict.com Olivia

    Such a great day! Glad we got to see you spin a lil @ Red Palace and to see Snarky Studios out and about taking these pics. 🙂


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