TVD Ticket Giveaway: Tori Amos at DAR Constitution Hall, 12/5

Whether  you are a long-time local fan of Tori Amos who may have been lucky to see an early performance of hers at a DC piano bar back in the eighties, or someone who was only recently introduced to her music, it’s a delight for all of the above that Tori Amos will be returning to her childhood stomping grounds this Monday with a performance at DAR Constitutional Hall.

Now in her late forties, Amos has quite the impressive resume with eight Grammy nominations and was named one of People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People.” She has also survived years of record label changes and conflicts in the music industry, but her music has always gracefully shown through.

Over the years she has created albums where the music was ripe with sexuality and the search for self-identity, to those about beekeeping, the art of pornography, the season of winter, and most recently has delved into creating songs with a classical music influence. Interestingly, her 1999 release of live material, To Venus and Backincluded the song that was the first major-label single available for sale as a digital download.

With such an extensive catalogue it can be hard to pick just one, but to win ticket’s to Tori Amos’ performance this Monday tell us in the comments below your favorite song from Ms. Amos, whether it be a big hit single or a small B-side.

We call “Cornflake Girl!” Don’t even think about it.

The deadline for entry is 9 am on Monday the 5th. If contacted as the winner, you have by noon to respond by email for that night’s show.

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  • Ming

    God sometimes you just don’t come through.

  • JOEM


  • GlttrGrrl

    Talula, either version,

  • theskytoday

    Yes, Anastasia (Under the Pink)

    “There’s something we left on the window sill…”

    This song has a lot of undertones of feminist movements throughout American history to me, in the sense that we started off with a clear fight and purpose and as the demands and expectations broadened over time, eventually women began turning the guns at eachother. We lost track of what we were trying to accomplish in the first place in a lot of ways. We created a new enemy to fight by turning against ourselves, as sisters and individuals.

    “i’m on my way down

    all the girls seem to be there”

    The girls or dolls that Tori sings about so often, represent the different women she has inside of her that are all connected to her being. One is the lover, one is the fighter, one is the entertainer etc. etc. When she says all the girls seem to be there, she means when you start to work on yourself, you’re not just working on one aspect of that self- there are many versions of you who will want a say on how things turn out. Sort of like group therapy for one. The girls in this song are also literally, other women- Tori is suggesting that women help each other heal themselves, by being supportive and not criticizing one another. Tori thinks that this is what makes women truly powerful as individuals and as a social force and says so with this song.

  • Marisa

    Suede, I actually did an interpretive dance to it in a movement class in college that included a ‘poetry reading’ of the lyrics.

  • arlingtonvagirl

    Tear in your hand. Song still is just as moving as it was the first time I heard it.

  • NickMB

    I like pretty much everything on Scarlet’s Walk, but my favorite has to be “your cloud”!

  • Ashley Brown

    My favorite song is Space Dog. It’s such a dynamic song, it has parts that are completely different than other parts in the song. It’s a great example of how versatile Tori’s music really is.

  • justinfeller

    Me And A Gun.

    I know the topic of the song is sad. I know it’s not a joyous song that deserves dancing and celebrating. The reason why this song is my favorite Tori song is the same reason why Tori has always been and continues to be as popular as she is. Tori Amos sings her honest, emotional soul. She takes all of her sadness, joy, victories, defeats and honesty and crams it into her voice. The angelic sound that she pushes out. There’s not guess-work as to what she’s feeling while she’s singing. She makes sure you know. Of all of her tunes, this track showcases that reality perfectly. It’s just her and a gun. And it’s just us and Tori’s voice. Sends a shiver down my spine each time I hear it.

    The thing that makes Tori so widely popular is that it’s not only women under fire that can identify with her honest emotions. She appeals to everybody simultaneously simply by being honest and up-front. There’s something special about letting your true honest emotions follow-through. I’ll likely never see Tori perform this tune live, which makes sense. That kind of raw emotion is impossible to summon up live.

    Thanks, Tori, for making music that speaks to our true selves. You rule.

  • oliviaung

    The winner has been notified. Check your email!


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