Lightfoot: The Vinyl District Showcase Week Enter to win tix & vinyl!

We’ve been in this racket long enough to know that it’s not every day a band or artist attains the lofty ambition of releasing their first single on vinyl, not to mention it arriving in tandem with said artist’s first full EP. Washington, DC’s Jessica Louise Dye, or Lightfoot, is the exception to that rule.

Via sheer will, tenacity, and perseverance—and did we mention she’s super fucking talented too?—Lightfoot’s 7″ single and EP, Scarlet Sails is available this week, and as such, DC’s Black Cat is hosting a release party this Friday night, January 27th. Joining Jess on the bill are Loose Lips, Ugly Purple Sweater, and Paperhaus—all of whom we’ve cornered this week for a chat about records in anticipation of Friday night’s event.

In addition, Lightfoot has given TVD a pair of tickets to Friday’s release party and a copy of the new 7″ to give away to one commenter to this post or the remaining ones throughout this week. Just let us know in the comments why you want to be in attendance Friday night – and why – and the most convincing of the commenters gets the single and two tickets. See, simple? Lightfoot, and TVD, loves you.

First up this week is Loose Lips’ Don Potter on vinyl, and it should be said that while it’s Lightfoot’s vinyl/EP coming out party, it’s Loose Lip’s final farewell show. The last. That’s it. No more. (I mean, not to pressure you at all for Friday.)

What was the first record you ever listened to? 

There’s this great photo of myself as a baby sitting on the floor with some giant 1980s headphones on my head, and the maroon album jacket for Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks face down on the floor next to me. How could my parents subject a young child to so much beautifully articulated pain and heartache?! Oh well, I forgive them. Blood on the Tracks is one of my favorite albums to this day.

It’s funny and maybe a little bit sad how I can trace my musical taste so directly to my parents’ vinyl record collection: David Bowie! The Beatles! Neil Young! Elivs Costello! The Rolling Stones! Michael Jackson! The Cars! Dylan! Hendrix! Led Zeppelin! The Grateful Dead! Joni Mitchell! Elton Jonn! Blondie! Steely Dan! etc. Do I love the music made by these bands and artists based on it’s merits, or was I just brainwashed as a young child?

It’s not so much that my musical taste is stuck in the 60s, 70s, and 80s – I mostly listen to more modern music these days. But when something comes through the speakers from my parents’ record collection I find that it strikes a deep chord within me even today, and for whatever reason I’ll always to some extent hold those artists on a pedestal high above the contemporary greats.

So was I brainwashed? Is musical taste somehow genetic? Are those particular artists and bands just objectively ‘Great’? Ultimately I don’t really care. I’m eternally grateful for my parents record collection, and all the sonic beauty and mystery it has brought to my life.

Why is pressing your music to vinyl so important?

Man, I would love to one day press a recording I was involved with onto vinyl. Everything about it is awesome. It’s big, it’s tactile, it smells good, it sounds good, it looks good, and I won’t even try to explain the intangibles. Once I make a recording that I’m truly proud of (I’m working on it!) it will go on vinyl—definitely.

What is on your record player right now?

Beach Boys’ Smile Sessions: The classic ’60s album that never was (until now). I’m kind of a nerd so I bought the whole huge box set. It came in the mail just a couple days ago so I’ve only really been able to scratch the surface of all the cool stuff included. I can’t wait to really delve into it this weekend.

Do you buy modern bands vinyl pressings?

Yes, definitely, it’s the only format of music I’ll buy. I think the last “new” record I bought was St. Vincent Strange Mercy, which is great.
—Don Potter 

$10 Mainstage / Doors at 9:00
Tickets here!

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