Bringing it on home.
TVD Ticket Giveaway: The Walkmen at the
9:30 Club, 10/4

The Walkmen are returning to the city they grew up in for a homecoming show that’s sure to light up 9:30 Club come October 4th.   Expect songs from their latest release, Heaven, the new album from earlier this year that shows off a new level of musical maturity.

It’s becoming a point of embarrassment that I make a connection to The OC with every group I write about, and true to form, my first exposure to The Walkmen was a cameo performance of “Little House of Savages” on that titular teen drivel-drama.

It’s fitting, since The Walkmen are channeling Bob Dylan all over this new album, if Dylan had spent a lot more time on the West Coast and never went on to imbibe electronic instrumentation.  Make no mistake, however—sunny waning melodies aside, The Walkmen get their edge from the East Coast, representing Philly and New York.  They show a preference for vintage folk instrumentation, never more so than on this, their latest work.

The new album is pure and organic; it plays like a private show in a cave or around a campfire. The vocals are slow and savory, paced in a way that, the more I listen, sounds like classic Dylan.  

Every once in a while you see a live show that makes you wonder if it’s possible to reproduce the kind of connection with an audience that you saw on stage, city to city, night after night, or if maybe what you just saw was something special.  This is sure to be one of those shows that will have everyone wondering on the way out of 9:30 in post-show afterglow if it stood out to the group on stage as much as it did to the audience, and if you’d like to be there, here’s your chance.

We’ve been celebrating DC all week by giving away tickets to DC shows every day, including one each day from 9:30 Club for recently announced shows that have just gone on sale.

To win a pair of tickets to the show, name a modern artist that channels a musician who came before them and the retro artist inspiration whom you hear in their sound.

Mine’s the Denmark pop trio Private, who channel pure ’80s era James Brown.

The winner will be chosen at noon on Tuesday, June 19th.

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  • TracyHollinshead

    Crystal Stilts are today’s version of The Doors.

    • Jennder

       @TracyHollinshead noooooo The Velvet Underground

  • bingelistening

    In terms of pure soul, Ray LaMontagne has always reminded me of Sam Cooke.

  • 10YearsGone

    The Guggenheim Grotto from Dublin harmonize like Simon and Garfunkel.

  • Jilll

    My current favorite is Nick Waterhouse, who has to be a Buddy Holly doppelganger.

  • mazatov

    Cage the elephant sound like early arctic monkeys 🙂
    and maybe a better one 
    Kingdom come sound exactly like Led Zeppelin 🙂

  • blueboom

    The Alabama Shakes sound like Creedence Clearwater Revival!

  • gpryzby

    Here We Go Magic channels David Byrne and Talking Heads from Remain in Light

  • PMFr

    If Kate Bush and Leonard Cohen had a baby, it would be Sharon Van Etten!

  • joana


  • joana

    Richard Hawley sounds like Roy Orbison without the glasses.

  • DougInDC

    If the Beach Boys had grown up in Detroit in the 2000s they would be Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr.

  • vernados

    At this point they are less diverse and more purely anthemic, but I can’t listen to Japandroids without immediately wanting to listen to Bastards of Young by The Replacements.

  • korg_the_cat

    Papa’s Culture, a short-lived, reggae/hip-hop/jazz-induced outfit from Oakland, CA, channels some of the funkiest bits of Frank Zappa.

  • Jennder

    Just saw Marissa Nadler at DC9 who channels some major Leonard Cohen. My god, is he considered retro now?

  • Stephanie

    I actually think some War on Drugs songs sound like old Bruce Springsteen

  • searae13

    I’ve been listening to a lot of Reggie Watts lately and the man is so talented at reincarnating soulful, powerful beats with just as impressive vocals. He’s been compared to Al Green but I think he captures and reincarnates the essence of 70’s soul, creativity and sass!!  

  • Kelly C

    First of all, I am obsessed with their new album. I can’t stop listening to it. I’m listening to it right now. OBSESSED.
    I hear a lot of Freddie Mercury in fun.’s Nate Ruess. His voice, the mix of rock and pop flair, the structure of their songs, and his energy in concert. I saw them twice this year (sweetlife and 9:30 Club), and I’d definitely rather them move into arena rock than the crap they play at stadiums these days. (I’m looking at you, Ke$ha.)

  • tylerharchelroad

    Heartless Bastards sound like Jefferson Airplane with a bit more southern rock.


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