TVD Ticket Giveaway: Real Estate at the 9:30 Club, 8/12

Nothing beats going to a summer show for one of your favorite bands. Except for winning tickets for that show because, let’s face it, music sounds so much damn sweeter when served to you on a silver TVD Ticket Giveaway platter.

Well, start salivating kiddies, Real Estate is performing at the 9:30 club this Sunday, August 12th, and one lucky winner will get a pair of tickets fo’ free.

Real Estate’s Martin Courtney, Etienne Duguay, Alex Bleeker, and Matthew Mondanile remind us that there is more to Jersey than GTL and leopard print. These indie rockers have a magnetic sound that rejuvenates even the most jaded of auditory systems.

The foursome released their sophomore studio album Days in the fall of last year after their move to the Domino Recording Company.

The multitalented DIY mastermind R. Stevie Moore will also be gracing the stage for what is guaranteed to be a unique and uninhibited performance.

For a chance to win your pair of tickets, tell us in the comment box below, your favorite foursome band, besides Real Estate… and The Beatles.

The winner will be chosen on Friday (8/10) at noon and must confirm the tickets via email by 3pm that day.

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  • Stephen

    My favorite foursome band is SUPERCHUNK!Please pick me 🙂 I’d love to see Real Estate live, but I’d REALLY LOVE to see R. Stevie Moore!!

  • jmcclure

    Placebo! (probably i like WAY too many bands!)

  • mp

    the phish

  • MiBFTo

    The Avett Brothers (Scott, Seth, Bob and Joe) count and a foursome, yes? If not they should.

  • Josh P

    Definitely, The Ramones! One of the best 4 member bands ever.

  • MiBFTo

    Oh, okay, and if not TAB, The Killers. That’s a foursome fo sho. 

  • Coreyzag

    Animal Collective!! (if you skip Merriweather Post-era)

  • TinaNguyen2

    Pixies, hands down.

  • Dagoon

    The Phish from Vermont, no contest.

  • Breauxbot

    Grizzly Bear!

  • Denizhan

    Passion Pit!

  • Kala B


  • FHmeow

    Pixies, easy.

  • TaylorJay

    Sigur Ros (the core 4, Jonsi, Kjartan, Georg and Orri) 

  • Kensingtonite

    R.E.M.  They were great in their day!

  • RespectusMaximus


  • recoverelapse

    Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

  • minikristen

    Little Dragon!

  • Christa

    Well, considering Chumbawamba is 5 members… I’m gonna have to go with or Hoobastank (aka Hoobawesome) or Hootie & the Blowfish hands down!

  • Chris

    Jack’s Mannequin.

  • Melissa Deatherage

    The original, original lineup of the Beach Boys, before they were even the Pendletons. They performed as four at a high school!

  • ErikaL

    The Smiths with Morrissey, Marr, Rourke and Joyce. 

  • Rough Trade

    It’s been said before, but… The Smiths! The greatest band to ever record.

  • bakhtm

    the kinks

  • NT19

    Everyone is totally missing Danzig

  • socam


  • MaddyIce

    Red Hot Chili Peppers 

  • MaddyIce

    And almost forgot one of my favorite concerts this year: Coldplay!

  • socam

    The Ramones

  • seeperbold


  • Siven

    Joy Division. Classic band!

  • Tiff

    Hands down it would be REM

  • jaredprebish


  • LilianJane

    Mumford & Sons

  • claudiar

    Mumford and Sons!

  • dogboyvan

    The Heist and the Accomplice

  • Ianisrad

    Gotta be New Order.

  • ChrisO

    Since the Ramones have already been spoken for, I’ll say X (who have the advantage that their members are still alive and kickin’ butt).

  • oliviaung

    The winner has been notified and has confirmed the tickets. Thanks for entering!


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