Weekend Shots!

I fell in love with Ai Weiwei’s show at the Hirshhorn this past weekend. Sure it’s not a real person or even something I can take home at night, but I’m in love with it. Which made me realize that I think I’m actually in love with lights, which brings me to this weekend and my excitement for DAN DEACON! I downloaded my DD app and am ready to partake in the experience. Fortunately for all of you, love surrounds all of us, so hit up the streets and check out what’s in store for you this weekend.

Friday, 11/16: Helio Sequence with Ramona Falls at Black Cat

The Helio Sequence recently released their fifth full length album, Negotiations, amidst having to deal with a studio flood, which ended up changing the way the band approached their sound. Summers and Weikel started playing together in 1996 but only recently let go of their modern digital studio equipment and instruments they’d always relied on pre-flood.

Today they embrace vintage gear that “creates a warmer, deeper sound: tape and analog delays, spring and plate reverbs, tube preamps, ribbon microphones, and analog synths.” Whatever that means for us non musicians, translation: it’s good!

After 17 years of playing together it’s nice to know that a band can still change their stripes. Summers states: “I used to view a lyric as a statement,” he says, “Now, I see it more as a letter you’re writing to yourself or a conversation with your subconscious.” Head to the Black Cat to start your weekend in Helio Sequence’s subconscious.

Saturday, 11/17: Low Cut Connie with Alex Vans & the Hide Away at The Dunes, 8pm (1402 Meridian Pace, NW) – FREE/GRATIS & ALL AGES

If you aren’t heading out to experience Dan Deacon like me and are low on cash but high on the desire to discover new music, then head over to The Dunes, an intimate mixed media space in Columbia Heights.

Low Cut Connie is part of a FREE music series called “TrainTracks” featuring bands you should get to know from NYC taking place at The Dunes monthly.

Low Cut Connie has been described as a mix between DC’s Shark Week and Jerry Lee Lewis – take that Elvis! They are described by NPR as an “increasingly rare breed: a party band, a bar band, a band with a sense of rock ‘n’ roll history that isn’t weighed down by nostalgia or the foolish feeling that music was better way back when.”

But watch our ladies, these fellas are known for throwing out one-liners, hoping you’ll swoon at their feet!! Get your music discovery on with a side of romance Saturday night.

Sunday, 11/18: The Magnetic Fields with Emma Straub at Sixth & I Historic Synagogue

Need I say more? It’s The Magnetic Fields people. If you didn’t snag tickets to Saturday’s sold out first night or win ticket’s via our giveaway, you still have a chance this Sunday, it’s not sold out. Yet!

Get you some live music DC, you show going freaks!

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