TVD Ticket Giveaway: The Roots at the Fillmore Silver Spring, New Year’s Eve, 12/31

As featured on Late Night with Jimmy FallonThe Roots!

Originating from Philadelphia, the jazz-influenced hip hop/rap band is not just the house band for late night comedian, Jimmy Fallon. The Roots are critically acclaimed, award-winning musicians who just might be one of the best hip hop bands in the music industry.

Wanna see “one of the greatest live acts in the world” according to Rolling Stone? The Roots will be performing at The Fillmore Silver Spring on New Years Eve, December 31, and we’re giving away a pair of tickets!

The Roots have come a long way since their debut in 1993. Their previous albums have appeared on the Top 40 as well as Top 5 Billboard charts. Their music has been featured on a variety of media outlets, including TV shows and movies.  They have also hosted “Jam Session” (the sort of pre-event to the Grammys).

For a chance to win a pair of tickets to ring in the new year with The Roots, drop a comment below telling us the song you want to hear at 12:01am on the 1st of January, 2013. Mine would have to be “Now or Never.”

The winner will be chosen at noon on Friday, December 7. Tickets are still available for purchase.

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  • dabeatkeeper

    I’d love The Roots to rock in the new year in with “Get Busy”! O yeah, please, please pick me. 🙂

  • dabeatkeeper

    I’d love The Roots to rock in the new year with “Get Busy”! O yeah, please, please pick me. 🙂

  • AlexanderXavier

    I can’t wit to hear Sacrifice!!

  • Jim Thomson

    “The Seed” for sure!

  • SeanPurcell1

    I’d be down to hear boom.

  • ColleenaCalhoun

    I wanna hear “Rising Up!”  The say whatever you’re doing at midnight is what you’ll be doing the rest of the year.  I wanna be rising up!  Huge fans over here, we should be chosen for the tickets!

  • Alan Bowser

    Agree. Now or Never

  • JG919

    Here I come.  Good way to get hyped for the new year.

  • SwissTweets

    The brother ?uesto and the the baddest band on the planet could play anything and it would start the year off right! I want to hear “You’ve got me” because that song made me fall in love with hip hop. I hope I win the tickets, but I’ll be there with my girl no matter what!

  • SwissTweets

    …or Star/Pointro because the groove, soul sample, and horns are bigger than hip-hop.

  • SwissTweets

    however, this is the DMV! they may have to bring the homey wale in! questlove can prob make that happen for a “Rising up” performance on New Years

  • Leebert0711

    Going to say ‘The Next Movement’ for a NYE song throwdown

  • ecruz85

    Ain’t Sayin’ Nothin’ New probably my favorite track of the roots.

  • LaurenConway

    The Seed is by far my favorite song by The Roots. That song and always will be legendary. I get way into my groove when I hear it, no matter what I’m doing. I would love to hear that song drop with the ball at midnight!!

  • Timmay1

    Game Theory!

  • bongoh

    I’d love to hear ‘Good Music’. One of my favorites from the Legendary Roots Crew! 
    “Does anybody like real music? Sweet music? Soul music? You know the Roots is the crew that’ll choose it, just to use it, to make you move it.”

  • djamilli

    Adrenaline for sure!!

  • smogelson

    I don’t ask, for much these days. And I don’t bitch, and whine, if I don’t get my way…but please hook me up with some Roots tickets! I need to hear The Seed. I get excited just thinking about it.

  • MichelleHiggins

    Great song – The Seed!

  • GartheKnight

    “Rising Up” – Perfect song for the DC area

  • keith_monseredesigns

    Eugene McDaniels’s, “Compared to What”

  • RHayek

    The Roots covering “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

  • kirstenlf

    Rising up!

  • DMG515

    HERE I COME!!!

  • JAB2013

    Kool and the Gang, Celebration

  • SwissTweets

    I hope they play this, but if not, you can enjoy it right here

  • Scotttt

    Pass the Popcorn  (kickin it old school)

  • Mandy614


  • SwissTweets

    If I win, I’m bringing Mo, razface, and mrjameschapman.

  • Aman Afsah

    Guns are Drawn!!

  • Jake_willis

    a J Dilla tribute!!!!

  • Ak iLL

    Dear God or Rising Up

  • SwissTweets

    I’m making a playlist of all the dope Roots Crew songs that people are suggesting. It’s getting epic

  • Anthony OMalley

    Definately Pass the popcorn! cant beat the old stuff

  • grue2008

    That would have to be Mellow My Man. Has a great vibe and is one of the best Roots songs of all time. Second choice would be What They Do.

  • Alex


  • SirrNik

    I want to see a 10 minute freestyle over Web!  I went to their show around Halloween last year at the Filmore.  I can’t say enough good things about the Filmore and how personal of a venue it is.  That being said, the Roots + Filmore= a show to amaze

  • Christina

    Pass the Popcorn

  • VitoSherry

    i love “What They Do” but a cover of “Tear the roof off the sucker” would be insane 🙂

  • BJ

    The seed!

  • SwissTweets

    “The Grand Return” would sound epic in the Fillmore

  • SwissTweets

    The Roots MADE Hova’s unplugged so much better!

  • AllenDC

    Here I Come

  • AllenDC

    Here I Come

  • SwissTweets

    I’m starting my day with Illadelph Halflife.  “The Hypnotic” would sound great at 12:01 on NYE

  • SwissTweets

    I take it all back. I have have have have to hear “You’ve Got Me” at 12:01 on NYE!

  • SwissTweets

    …however, this would be heaven, too: imagine having 3 or for of your favorite drinks warming your belly and the go-go melody rhythms of “rising up” warming your soul at 12:01 on NYE. Sounds like nirvana

  • dabeatkeeper

    It’s about that time!!!! 🙂

  • SwissTweets

    I am on pins and needles thinking about what jam I might be able to hear at 12:01 on NYE. “you’ve got me” is the one that resonates…playing it now in anticipation

  • The Vinyl District

    A winner has been chosen and has confirmed. Thanks all!


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