TVD Ticket Giveaway: Lucero at the 9:30 Club, 3/20

I’ve been reading a lot about Lucero shows lately. (It’s kind of my job.) It seems they’ve been particularly rowdy lately, and it seems people have been really diggin’ ’em that way.

This got me thinking, “Where have I seen the rowdiest Lucero shows?” to which I answered myself (because geniuses answer themselves, ya know), “Easy: Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington DC.”

Bikinis, Bobcats, and vandalism? Rowdy.

If you’re one of those folks who digs being covered in beer and bruises when you leave a show, then you’re in luck. It just so happens we’re giving away two tickets to the March 20 Lucero show (with Shovels and Rope as the opener) at the 9:30 Club right here in Washington, DC. They are touring in support of last year’s Women & Work, “a love letter to its hometown, Memphis, Tennessee.” Who’s ready to get wild?

Enter to win a pair of tickets for Wednesday’s show by telling us in one or two sentences about one of your favorite rowdy show-going experiences (Lucero or non-Lucero, doesn’t matter) in the comments below.

The rowdiest show I ever saw was JEFF the Brotherhood in Nashville, TN. I left with a black eye, beer spattered clothes, bruises in unknown places, and a nearly broken kneecap. Who can beat that?

The winner will be chosen at noon on Tuesday, March 19. Tickets are still available.

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  • JoyMariePansini

    Shuffle House, Baltimore, Pee Tanks- left covered in beer, cheap vodka and bruises and a near broken back from getting slammed into the makeshift bar a few times. Those were the days!

  • KP

    The most rowdy Lucero show I saw was at Sonar in Baltimore. I think they played for four hours. Best part was a REALLY big dude falling flat on his ass and blowing it out at the same time. We were too drunk to smell it, though.

  • IronBoss

    The rowdiest @and not in  good way) show I have ever seen was Bim Skala Bim at Fletchers in Baltimore.A group of skinheads in the crowd actually got on the stage and started a brawl with the band.  After about a half hour or so of out and out street fighting, the band actually just picked up their instruments and finished their set!

  • John Cole

    So ,the details on this may be just a little hazy… But the rowdiest show I have ever been to involved a brewery in Harrisburg, Lucero, J Roddy Walston & an all female rolly derby team.  Enough said.

    • John Cole

      Make that roller derby.  Damn auto correct.

  • CastorMcMurphy

    Darkbuster at Harper’s Ferry in Boston at the last Hometown Throw-up.  Everyone is covered in beer, in a drunken haze, singing together, dancing along, and with a classic pit going in the middle.  It was all sponsored by PBR, so everytime you bought a beer they would hand you two and most would throw the second at the stage so the whole stage was soaked.  The best part, there were five shows all like that.

  • Sandra B1977

    Ive been to million different crazy rowdy punk and metal shows over the years.. but the most rowdy i can remember was this crazy spectacle during an all day music fest in Massachusetts.. There were bands like Janes Addiction, Beck, Dropkick Murphys, but the place literally erupted with screaming jumping, crying 13 yr old girls for Good Charlotte.. It was scary.

  • RP_Thead

    Lucero/Against Me, I think it was sometime in 2003/4 around the time That Much Further West was released and not long after ReinventingAxl Rose. It was in The Riot, a dump of a venue in Memphis that has since closed, but it was the perfect setting for these two bands at the peak of their rock club/small venue career, on the verge of moving onto larger venues. Both bands, and the fans, were going for broke each night of that tour.

  • potluck21117

    Back in August of 1993, we drove way down to Southern Maryland to some farmers field out in the middle of nowhere to see Porno for Pyros.  Openers were Velocity Girl and Mercury Rev.  Turned into one crazy out of control drunkfest.  Anything and everything you can imagine went down that day…how we all survived I’ll never know.  Was an epic good time!

    • John Cole

      potluck21117 I can vouch for that.  I was there.


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