9:30 Now: Laura Tsaggaris vs. Justin Jones, Phox, Francisco the Man, Ariel Pink, Jukebox the Ghost

February is upon us, which means one thing—it’s time to fall in love with some music this month. Have a special Valentine this year? Why don’t you do something extra special like take your loved one to one of the many kickass shows happening at the 9:30 Club to show your appreciation. Here’s a selection of upcoming shows on sale at the 9:30 NOW—and your chance to win tickets to the concert of your choice from the list below.

Laura Tsaggaris vs Justin Jones & The B-Sides, 2/4 | Let’s talk about some of the most famous “versus” in history. There’s Louis vs. Schmeling, Tyson vs. Holyfield, and now there’s Laura Tsaggaris vs. Justin Jones & The B-Sides. Yes, these two songwriter heavyweights are coming together to battle for your love with some soulful music.

Laura Tsaggaris recently put out a new record, Live At The Atlas, back in September 2014. Funded entirely by pre-orders and fan contributions, the album was inspired by some of the best live albums of all time, albums that Laura says inspired her as a songwriter. Virginia native Justin Jones and his cleverly named band The B-Sides join Laura to complement her acoustic sound with their raw rock ‘n’ roll. Watch the battle up close when the pair come to the 9:30 Club on Wednesday, February 4.

PHOX, 2/12 | It’s always refreshing when a new folky band pops up to command attention. That’s exactly what the six members of Wisconsin-hailing PHOX did back in 2013 when they released a video EP titled Confetti. It wasn’t long until they were discovered and released a self-titled, full-length album on Partisan Records in June of last year.

Monica Martin, the lead vocalist of PHOX, once made the claim, “If you like sugared cereal, you’ll like PHOX.” The sugary-sweet factor of this folk-pop group is in large part due to Martin’s powerful vocals and impeccable lyricism, but much could be said for the flowing instrumentals and influence of the other members of the band as well.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to catch PHOX live at the 9:30 Club on Thursday, February 12, and sway the night away.

Francisco the Man at U Street Music Hall, 2/18 | I’m going to be completely honest here and admit that when I first heard Francisco The Man, I thought it was Phoenix for a month or so. I’m still mad at myself to this day. No doubt, many comparisons can be made with Scotty Cantino’s shimmery, tinny vocals and summery vibe.

When discussing the band’s debut LP Loose Ends, Cantino said, “Even though I write the songs, we really hash them out… Arrangements and parts are formed on the fly. It’s constant improvisation.” Just don’t try to pinpoint Francisco The Man’s musical genre, or you’ll get lost. They prefer to blend influences on each track to give fans something a little different each time.

You can listen for yourself when the band stops by the U Street Music Hall on Wednesday, February 18.

Ariel Pink, 2/23 | Oh, Ariel Pink. Back in November, Pink finally released pom pom and unleashed some serious pop weirdness onto the planet. Thanks to some co-writing cred from Kim Fowley, songs like “Jell-O” and “Plastic Raincoats In The Pig Parade” gave the album overwhelmingly positive reviews from fans and critics alike. Regarding the release, Pink had to say, “Although this is the first ‘solo’ record credited to my name, it is by far the least ‘solo’ record I have ever recorded.”

In my opinion, one of the best song of the album is “Put Your Number In My Phone,” for the sheer fact that once you hear it, you can’t get the lyrics or the beat out of your head. This is a show you definitely don’t want to miss when it rolls into the 9:30 Club this month.

Jukebox the Ghost, 3/10 | Okay, so this one isn’t until March, but trust me, it’s a show you’ll want to plan in advance for. Jukebox the Ghost is one of those bands that’s always stuck in your head. In October, they released their critically acclaimed, self-titled album full of songs about heartbreak, like the aptly titled “Sound of a Broken Heart” and many more. If that hits a nerve coming off of Valentine’s Day, there’s no need to worry. The band also has a long repertoire of upbeat, happy songs to cure your blues.

It’s going to be an excellent show, so make sure you get your tickets early, or even better, enter for a chance to win them here with us!

For a chance to win tickets to the show of your choice from those above, tell us below, your favorite song about heartbreak AND the show you’d like to win. Two giveaway winners for a pair of tickets each will be selected at noon on Wednesday, February 4.

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