TVD Premiere:
Cruzie Beaux, Demo 1

Cruzie Beaux is the latest project from Kristina Reznikov, a DC musician who has been making music since childhood. Most recently she was the lead vocalist for Drop Electric and the short-lived Blanche Has Friends.

In Kristina’s new project, Cruzie Beaux is a party animal, writing songs for dirty dive bars and angry female protagonists. Cruzie tells us that she loves the dirty 1970s Joan Jett style guitar, with a steady (but modern) beat. Cruzie Beaux will be working with Tinderbox Music promoting her demo, which currently has Ingrid Michaelson and Imagine Dragons on their client list.

In Drop Electric, Kristina’s gritty vocals brought a new element to the band’s sound which was previously instrumental, and In Blanche has Friends, Kristina moved toward being somewhat less serious with a beautiful rawness stemming from the freedom to work as a solo musician. We asked Kristina how the transition has been from being in a band to working as a solo artist:

“I was ready to go back to writing how I used to write, which was on my own. However, what I was kind of unprepared for was the amount of confidence you need to have to do that kind of change. To go from being a part of a very successful band, to opting to drop out and go on your own, can make a person feel self-conscious and even a little embarrassed. Drop Electric taught me so much as a performer and I appreciated them for that, and I wouldn’t want anybody to get that twisted. I just missed writing on my own, and being able to make my own choices with my work. I think members of band can feel that way from time to time, but I was feeling that way a lot.

I was also ready for a genre change. Maybe I wanted to take my writing a little less seriously for a little while. But I was ready to put a little more humor into my songs, if that makes any sense. It’s hard when you’re in a band and everybody has different ideas on what they want their sound to be about. I like working on my own; but I do miss having that company there.

I’m just trying to write fun music that people would want to play to have a raunchy good time. Some of it is extremely cheesy goodness, like “Monday Night,” and some of it leans toward the angry side, like “Baseball.” But “Demo 1″ should collectively be a screaming party of a time, just like Cruzie Beaux.”

Without further adieu, here is the five song demo from Cruzie Beaux—let it inspire you to do what is best for you while not forgetting to have fun. Cruzie doesn’t have any shows scheduled right now, but has plans to play live soon.

Cruzie Beaux Official | Facebook | Twitter

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