Colorado Top Shelf: Boom Chick at Moe’s Original Bar B Que, 10/29

Colorado and I are finally on the same wavelength. At least when it comes to music. Specifically, bringing in the music of Frank Hoier and Moselle Spiller of Boom Chick

Fresh-faced old souls Frank Hoier (Guitar/ Vocals) and Moselle Spiller (Drums) bring a contemporary elegance to their early American-rock inspired sound. The duo is giving a complimentary touch to the Colorado music scene this weekend in one extremely stylish and talented package

Closing my eyes while listening to Boom Chick, I am reminded of what music used to be like before auto-tune, before boy bands, before Kim Kardashian was allowed anywhere near a recording studio. Before a night’s performance consisted of pressing play on your Mac Book Pro. Back when music had a heartbeat. When it was messy and raw. Music for music’s sake, untouched and unaffected. It makes me want to grab my hand-me-down cassette collection of bootlegged concerts, hop in my Jeep, turn the volume up to rupture, and drive. Luckily for me, Boom Chick’s debut album Show Pony is already released on cassette. It’s like they’re speaking to me.

The greatest thing about their music is that it is timeless. Take a fast, motion-driven tempo on top of gritty American rock, add a dash of early punk in a big floppy hat, and you’ve got Boom Chick. It is classic yet unrestricted—a salute to the great rock musicians of the past without being swallowed by tired nostalgia. I thought the Alternative movement of the ’90s had done away with real rock music, and am beyond ecstatic to be proven wrong.

Boom Chick will be the opening performance this Saturday night, 10/29, at Moe’s Original Bar B Que’s SOLD OUT Halloween Bash. Costumes encouraged. Also performing are Bleached and Night of Joy. Doors open at 8:30.

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