TVD Album Review
& Show Preview:
Orbit Service at The Walnut Room, 11/12

Space out with Orbit Service at the release party of their latest album A Calm Note From The West.

The celebration, presented by Beta-lactam Ring Records, is this Saturday night, November 12th, at The Walnut Room with performances by Orbit Service, In Better Senses, Brocken Sprectra, and DJ Cosmos Mudwulf set to the phenomenal visual installations of Vj DizyPixl.

Orbit Service siphons its psychedelic space sound from a masterly reserve of talent. The members are Randall Frazier, Kim G. Hansen (Antenne), Dennis Swanson (Dissolved Day Dream), and Kirill Nikolai (Still Light). This is their first new album in five years, and it is not messing around. Featuring guest performances by Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots), Anna Bronsted (Our Broken Garden), Elin Palmer (Violin), and Esther Hernandez (Pee Pee), Orbit Service has raised the bar to a cosmic level with A Calm Note From the West. 

The album paints a surreal landscape with each track woven together like fragments from an intergalactic daydream. Like a dream, the flow is organic and unpredictable, beckoning subconscious desires and thoughts to surface. That’s the seduction—you never know where the songs will take you after you hit play. However, the genius is within the album’s self-reflective nature, the brief moments when an individual sound is showcased, exposing the medium itself. This disrupts the spun fantasy to demand focus on the construction, only for the sounds to disappear as quickly as they entered.

In other words, it’s a psychedelic mind fuck.

Orbit Service is not afraid to experiment with sound. Their unlikely combination of musical elements has created something out of this world.

The track “Drift” evokes an  acoustic collage that’s both beautiful and powerful.

Synth-happy digital chimes are juxtaposed with evocative vocals and ghostly melodies, such as on “Reap.

Haunting interjections of a violin serve as a catalyst to the tranquil and elusive resonance of “A Calm Note.”

Although A Calm Note From The West will not be released until November 15th, you can pre-order your copy.

All pre-orders will be signed by Orbit’s Randall Frazier and will include a bonus CD of Antenne’s #3.

You can also pre-order one of 30 numbered and signed handmade art boxes featuring the full length album, a bonus live disk, downloads, original artwork and photographs, and a copy of Antenne’s #3.

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