Get Your Boom Boom On With Gina And The Eastern Block

There’s nothing I appreciate more than music that makes me want to move and is delivered in a way that is different from the norm. Los Angeles’ Gina and The Eastern Block do just that. Their sound is a combination of heavy guitars, funky beats and fierce vocals that is very refreshing in the era of software only generated dance music. Industrial, tribal, 80‘s synth, glam rock and funk are channeled and give this band a sound larger than you could ever imagine.

Vocalist Gina Katon is my pop singer dream girl. Her vocals are raw and edgy, a nod to her rock and roll upbringing. Sure, she’s got the looks and the choreography down thanks to her dance roots, but don’t let the pop facade fool you. The girl can belt out a song better than most and she’ll shake her hips while lyrically flipping you off at the same time.

And then there’s the band. Drummer Marc Jordan and guitarist Todd Weinstock back Katon and bring the sound that will blow you out of the room. Nothing gets the rocker girl in me more excited than hearing heavy distorted guitar riffs being played along side killer beats made by a real drum kit. Blend in the electronic sounds and few backup dancers and what you get is a live performance that is sure to make your body move.

Gina and The Eastern Block have the potential of making a real mark in the electronica / indie / dance scene. They released their debut album “Little Villains” back in 2010, but I look forward to more from this electro- funkadelic trio. This is a band to keep an eye on and make room for on the dancefloor.

Gina and The Eastern Block finish their month long residency at The Roxy’s On The Rox this Thursday, June 30th.

Gina And The Eastern Block | Boom Boom On The Dancefloor

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