TVD presents Will Dailey at The Record Parlour,
a direct to vinyl in-store performance, 11/21

As we’ve noted from time to time, we tend to be a pale or sun deprived bunch here at TVD HQ, but when the opportunity presented itself to be a part of a very special event at LA’s The Record Parlour, we decided to throw on a clean pair of socks and emerge from the cave to present a very special in-store performance from an artist who’s no stranger to TVD, Will Dailey.

What’s so special about this event aside from featuring an incredible artist at one of our favorite establishments to crate dig? This performance will be recorded live—directly to vinyl.

How this works is that during the performance, the analog disc cutting head engages the master lacquer used for pressing records and is not stopped until the entire side is complete. What’s the big deal, don’t artists record live all the time? Yes, of course they do, but with digital recording there is room for edits and to remix (not the DJ remix, but the mix of the sound being fed through the microphones).

With this process there is absolutely no editing. Once it’s grooved into the wax—that’s it. (No pressure, Mr. Dailey.) This is one of the few establishments aside from Third Man Records in the country that does this.

Earlier this year, Dailey went against the industry standard and decided to release his newest album National Throat on vinyl—his preferred format for his music—months ahead of worldwide digital release. So, needless to say he was the perfect fit to help us test drive this challenging, yet wonderful process that leaves little, well really—zero room—for mistakes.

Curious? Want to come and be a part of this incredible process? The show is FREE and space is limited but open to you with an RSVP here.

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