TVD Live Shots: 2019 Rock Godz Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at The Canyon, 10/27

PHOTOS: JULIA LOFSTRAND | The Rock Godz Hall of Fame launched in 2009 as a grassroots organization to honor the musicians who are not often in the public spotlight. Over the past decade, the ceremony has continued to grow as these frequently unheralded artists and linchpins of the music industry have received the recognition they quite well deserve.

They’ve made their mark on history as session or touring musicians, songwriters, producers, and engineers of timeless classics still in rotation today. Former inductees nominate their peers making this a highly respected event. Whether it was session bassist Bob Glaub who has recorded with everyone from Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, and Donna Summer,  or songwriter/ session ace Richie Zito who has produced The Cult, Cheap Trick, and Bad English, the ballroom at The Canyon in Agoura Hills was filled with awe-inspiring talent.

It was an illustrious night of great surprises and performances. Yacht rock pioneers and inductees Peter Beckett and Burleigh Drummond, drummer and founding member of Ambrosia, shined on Ace’s “How Long” and Player’s “Baby Come Back.” Rick Springfield appeared and tore through Little Richard’s “Lucille” with Brett Tuggle who toured with Springfield in the ’80s on the heels of “Jessie’s Girl.” Inductee Rowen Robertson, the former Dio guitarist who joined the Dio band at the age of 17 after simply mailing off a cassette (a story he fondly retold) stood out on Hendrix’s “All Along the Watchtower.”

Not all inductees were able to attend due to prior engagements and accepted their awards via video, like thrash metal guitarist and Testament founding member Alex Skolnick, and Danny Kortchmar who co-wrote Don Henley’s “New York Minute” and “Dirty Laundry,” among many others.

Younger generations were involved in the proceedings as well. Students from the Los Angeles School of Rock performed Eddie Money and The Cars’ major hits as tribute to the recently deceased legends. Elliot Easton appeared in person to share his thoughts on Rick Ocasek’s lasting legacy.

The RockGodz inductees continue their chosen paths as highly sought after musicians—Grammy producer/ mixer/ engineer/ Ross Hogarth is working on a Johnny Winter tribute album, and Bob Glaub and AMA Lifetime Achievement Award winner Greig Leisz are presently on Jackson Browne’s current tour.

“The studio is very nice. You can take your time in the creative environment and come up with new and interesting stuff. It can sometimes take time, though. Fortunately, these days, I get to do a lot from home, a lot of people do that so it’s very relaxing. I don’t have to fight the LA traffic, I can just plug in and play in my studio. But there is nothing like touring. It’s hard work, people think it’s a lot fun but it’s really a lot of work and you have to be very focused. But there’s nothing like that instant feeling and feedback you get from a crowd.”
Bassist for The Firm, Kate Bush, Whitesnake, Blue Murder, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Peter Frampton

“It’s still great to see new artists coming out, but it is different how you break new artists over the years, and a lot of it has to do with social media. But still the core values of having to play great and having good songs and being good writers still is the key but, the way people are promoted is different now.”

“I’ve always loved vinyl. I find that it’s warmer and a brighter feel to it, but those days are gone, but a lot of collectors still love vinyl.”

“I loved music, and I was going to college, and one of my instructors said, ‘You know what, you have a really nice voice and you love music, have you ever thought of radio?’”

“It’s very important for the musicians out there to keep on it and keep on believing—and it’s very important for women to feel empowered and know that they are talented.”

“I’d like to go back and work with some of the Fleetwood Mac people like Lindsey Buckingham who I believe is one of the most talented artists in the world that I’ve ever worked with. He’s a brilliant writer, guitar player, and producer. He’s going to be putting out a new album in the spring and he wants to do a tour.”
Award winning composer and multi-instrumentalist who has toured and recorded with Fleetwood Mac, Steven Tyler, Chris Isaak, and also co-wrote 1988’s “Just like Paradise” with David Lee Roth.

“I think that vinyl is great. I’m happy that it’s come back—maybe it never left. Vinyl has a really nice sound, and the curve of vinyl for me as an engineer is something we all aspire to. There is something about vinyl with the high and low that has very nice curvage…very musical.”
Multi-platinum and multi-Grammy winning producer/ mixer/ engineer for Mötley Crüe, John Mellencamp, John Fogerty, Dio, R.E.M., Melissa Etheridge.

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