TVD’s The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

If we were just strangers then we would fall in love again / Abandon extreme wealth and casual cruelty / And now I can see why everyone acts weird to me / Abandon extreme wealth and casual cruelty

A ghost that creeps around a crystal surface underground / A light shows flowers crushed inside / At most the blooms get high / And stay there frozen under…

Today I’m feeling like I’m driving deeper into a groundhog hole. I almost can’t believe yesterday was Thursday. This might be the quickest week I’ve ever experienced. Is the planet just starting to spin out of control? Last week I sarcastically mentioned “what’s next?” Today I’d rather not know.

As I try to keep it “real” and in the in moment, my Idelic weekly muse turns to bullies—and the tough guys and dolls who stand up to them.

From “tomorrow never knows,” we’re gonna have to “roll with the punches.” And throw a few.

Stay safe, connected, compassionate—and we all better fucking vote.

The Idelic Single of the Week: A.M. Moonlight – Leftfield Messiah

A message from the kids on our block:

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