TVD’s The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

It’s hard to be human / When another’s touch can end your life / What’s real has lost feeling / I miss your kiss our long goodbyes

O’ Earth O’ Earth I return to thee / I return to where my body once lied / O ‘ Earth O ‘Earth I return to thee / I return to where my innocence died

Hard days and dreamy nights as an October Indian summer breeze blows gently through our canyon. Been a fairly distracting week in our house. Keeping up our pad, a kid in middle school, the music buisness, Dodgers win the pennant—and of course the presidential election—all can weigh hard and heavy on a day.

Speaking of a hard day, I TiVo’d and revisited A Hard Day’s Night recently. The movie and charm of The Beatles is pure magic. The film and lead track inspired this playlist of “not so hard, hard” songs. Hope it can get you through your days.

Stay safe, connected, compassionate—and we all better fucking vote.

The Idelic Single of the Week: EJ Worland – Over The Pond

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