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Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

Another night back at a gaff plot / With some wrongens I’d just met / We’re getting on it in the kitchen / As we chain smoke cigarettes / And we chew each other’s ears off / As we put the world to rights / And we chat shit about conspiracies / And climate change all night / But soon the birds have started singing / In the trees out in the streets / And my jaw is sore from swinging / I’ve been chewing on me cheeks / And as the session depression / Seeps into my head / The anxiety inside of me / Says, “It’s time to go to bed” / But some geezers left a livener / On the side and fell a kip / And I get greedy and decide to / Sniff it, then I try to slip / But it hits me double lively / And the night comes to an end / As another line of tranquilliser / Paralyses me again

I hope this finds all my Idelic pals safe and well. A warm desert wind is blowing through our canyon today. Let’s hope it takes sickness and hostilities with it.

An old friend once described a new year as a blank canvas. The artist and his paints have the opportunity to create a masterpiece. Easier said than done in 2021, but the poet and musician can still hold a planet’s dreams in their voices.

While surrounding myself with my family, friends, music, and the people who create the cool sounds, I for one am gonna “carry on” my dream of hope by sharing songs.

Sending out 2021’s Idelic episode #1 with positive vibes for a smooth week in DC and safer year for all. Let the music rain and rock on.

Idelic Single of the Week: Viagra Boys — Ain’t Nice

Idelic point of view.


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