TVD’s The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

Just like a buzzin’ fly / I come into your life / Now I float away / Like honey in the sun / Was it right or wrong / I couldn’t sing that song anyway

Oh, but darlin’ / Now I remember / How the sun shown down / And how it warmed your prayin’ smile / When all the love was there

I know, I know, I like to talk about the weather and what a gorgeous day in is in our canyon. As the sun creeps in, so does hope—well, that’s my plan. This week’s been okay although I’ve never been lucky at Hallmark holidays and last weekend was no exception. At least some of us had President’s Day to recover from the “day of hearts” prior.

By the way, who’s celebrating a day for the Presidents of America? After these last four years? Nope. I was hung over from the stress of hearts and an endless quarantine.

Turns out though, I forgot to make a Valentine’s Day playlist! I mean wow, no love songs on V Day? It’s a personal tradition dating back decades when I was in the restaurant business.

This week is about the the love songs I forgot about. Let’s hope lovers can get back to warm restaurants for romantic evenings this spring.

Idelic Single of the Week: Beach Bums – Iguesswechanged

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