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Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

Well, everybody’s lined up at my house, my house / And Sara’s girlfriend is working the door / Got everybody’s PA at my house, my house / All the robots descend from the bus / There’s a freakout brewin’ at my house, my house / In the basement

‘Cause Daft Punk is playing at my house, my house / You’ve got to set them up kid, set them up / You’ve got to set ’em up, ooh ooh yeah

Music never ceases to amaze me. I got home last night overwhelmed, hungry and stressed. Thinking about it, I’m like millions derailed and caught up in a news cycle that, due to mobile devices and the internet, never seems to give the user a break.

In the end it was just another week in quarantine and I’m likely doing way better than most. There is no doubt the music carries me through. I work in music with musicians and it’s my constant backdrop. Soundcloud is my companion.

Thursday nights have become a ritual at this “Idelic” pad. I consider myself lucky to be tucked away in the canyon high above Sunset Strip. Here sounds breathe above this town. It’s a city of glamour, show biz, music, and rock ‘n’ roll.

So there I am, up late Thursday going over the week’s tasks and new record releases while listening to make sense of my world. Today my world somehow makes sense.

As for songs, I started with the idea of “roll it.” I had been working with a cool Spanish artist Maria Medem with one of my bands for a vinyl cover. It’s brought me back to those amazing Roger Dean album covers which I’ve been sharing.

One such, Dr. Strangely Strange’s Heavy Petting (Vertigo) lead me to Joe Boyd. Joe’s productions have been a topic of late and that lead to “Midnight at the Oasis” and finally to images from Daft Punk’s farewell video. It reminded me of a late afternoon lunch at Matsuhisa, a posh sushi restaurant.

My good pal Moise is French Moroccan. It was just the two us and and an elegant French couple at the sushi bar. They all spoke French and we ate delicacies. A perfect afternoon in LA—and by the way I’ve always been convinced the guy at the sushi bar was Guy from Daft Punk. Not that I know what he looks like or if he’s married or lives in Beverly Hills. I’m just “lucky” sometimes.

Just “rollit.”

Idelic Single of the Week: darkDARK – Headless ft. Madge

Now there’s a cool vinyl package.


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