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Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

I’ve been watchin’ all of my past repeatin’ / There’s no endin’, and when I stop pretendin’ / See you standin’, a million moments landin’ / On your smile, buried alive, I could have / Die to stay there, never have to leave there

All this trouble tryin’ to catch right up with me / I keep movin’, knowin’ some day that I will be / Standin’, facin’, all mirrors are erasin’ / Losin’ beauty, at least at times it knew me / At least at times it knew me / At least at times it knew me

Take a look at yourself lately?

I’m not sure what I posted a year ago, but the date March 12 rings a bell. It was about this time last year, midday Thursday I believe, I left my office in Burbank never to return. I made a pit stop at Whole Foods and lined up to buy whatever was left on the shelves.

It was a couple days before the virus caught my attention. My hipster daughter had done a film for Gucci with Nick Cave’s kid. Zoe was in Milan for fashion week. Reports were trickling in about a strong flu-like virus spreading from China to Northern Italy.

There have been mornings where I looked into the mirror and thought. “How are we gonna get through this?” Although we’ve lost many, the truth is most of us are still here. It seems our “magic mirrors” tell a very intense year long tale. As for my Idelic self, once athletic, I’m out of shape and slowly going grey, but still rocking on. My wife is rightfully often sick of my constant blaming and ’60s music. But after all of this, all of these years together, this chick is still as beautiful as that Friday afternoon I asked her out.

Our son Jonah has been battling the tween demons of covid. Seclusion, confinement, isolation and puberty all experienced in cyberspace. Which is gonna fuck us up more? Fortnite or Pfizer?

And a year later Zoe is back at making art out of life and fashion and Jonah is out on a baseball diamond.

You’re a star kid…shine…

Soon the skies will warm. Go get the magic in 2021

Idelic Single of the Week: Aldous Harding – Revival (Deerhunter)

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