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Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

Lazy bones, sleepin’ in the sun / How you ‘spect to get your day’s work done? / Never get your day’s work done / Sleepin’ in the noon day sun

Now, lazy bones, sleepin’ in the shade / How you expect to get your corn meal made? / You’ll never get your corn meal made / Just sleepin’ in the evening shade

When tainers need sprayin’, I bet you keep prayin’ / The bugs’ll fall off the vine / And when you go fishin’ I bet you keep wishin’ / The fish won’t grab your line

Back safely in my canyon pad. The last few days of the trip confirmed that there’s no place like California. One interesting note from the road is to beware of east coast traffic. Gone are the yellow taxis of my youth, and what’s left—a traffic jam!

Speaking of the summers of yesterday, it was a cool counselor from Fayetteville, Arkansas who turned my pals and me onto ZZ Top. The claim was that ZZ’s guitarist ended their show by making his guitar say “thank you very much.”

It was the summer of ’75 and I had already been hanging out in Central Park, learned skepticism, and a few different ways to throw a frisbee. This said, I bought Rio Grande Mud and then Tres Hombres, made it to the Felt Forum for a show, and sure as shit—using a bottleneck slide—that guitarist could make his Les Paul talk.

And their bassist, he played and sung his ass off right with ’em. RIP Dusty—your lil’ band kicked some big ass.

Wow, what a trip. Let’s keep going.

Idelic Single of the Week: Liam Kazar – Frank Bacon

Frisbee Hill Central Park, just above where that “Lil Ol Band from Texas” rocked the Shaffer Music Festival.


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