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Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

“That first summer of my recovery was one of the most beautiful I can remember, perhaps because I was healthy and clean, and I began to rent some trout-fishing days for myself, mostly on stretches of water in the neighborhood that had been specifically stocked for local fisherman… Fishing is an absorbing pastime and has a Zen quality to it. It’s an ideal pursuit for anyone who wants to think a lot and get things in perspective.

It was also a perfect way of getting physically fit again, involving as it does a great deal of walking. I would go out at the crack of dawn and often stay out till nighttime… For once I was actually becoming good at something that had nothing to do with guitar playing or music. For the first time in a long time, I was doing something very normal and fairly mundane, and it was really important to me…”

Ask anyone who knows me. During the summer months I am fairly obsessed with fishing. I agree with Eric Clapton, it’s an “ideal pursuit” with a “zen quality.” Yes it does have its barbaric qualities, but going out to sea, killing a few fish, and eating them…it makes me feel like an ancient warrior. Humble, strong, at peace. True the chick might be hotter at Sushi Roko on Sunset, but filling your belly with a big tuna you slayed…

I read it took Clapton two and half hours to reel in his trophy salmon. I can picture “slow hand” being run up and down the banks of the Vatnsdalsá River. I had a similar run, Monday morning, 30 miles off North County San Diego shortly after 5am. It was still dark as night and I ran up and down the rails of The Oceanside 95. It’s been a season of chasing big elusive tuna—I had not a bite all summer—and then bam! I was in a battle.

This Idelic Hour is dedicated to all rock ‘n’ roll fishing dudes who chase their dreams—and that elusive catch.

Classic! We’ll get there.

The Idelic Hit of the Week: Oscar – Breaking My Phone featuring GIRLI

Lucky end of summer #tuna

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