TVD Live Shots:
Gojira, Mastodon,
and Lorna Shore at
the Kia Forum, 4/19

It was a night of heavy metal and headbanging at the Kia Forum where three incredible bands took the stage for an unforgettable concert billed as The Mega-Monsters Tour. Wednesday’s lineup was headlined by French progressive metalers Gojira, supported by the legendary Mastodon, and the up-and-coming deathcore outfit Lorna Shore. Each band brought their unique flavor of metal to the stage, resulting in an electrifying evening of music that fans won’t soon forget.

Lorna Shore kicked off the night with a ferocious set, showcasing their blend of deathcore and black metal influences. The New Jersey-based band was able to captivate the audience with their intense energy and brutal breakdowns, setting the tone for the night. Vocalist Will Ramos commanded the stage with his menacing growls and shrieks as the band ripped through songs like “Cursed to Die” and “Into the Earth.”

Mastodon took to the stage next, and immediately had the audience on their feet. With their iconic sound combining elements of sludge, progressive, and psychedelic metal, Mastodon graced us with some of their biggest hits such as “Circle of Cysquatch” and “Blood and Thunder.” The Atlanta based band played a lengthy set, including some of their lesser-known songs like “Crystal Skull” and “Sultan’s Curse.” Many new fans were impressed by the band’s ability to put on a show that was both heavy and melodic.

Finally, amidst heavy anticipation, Gojira took to the stage, taking no prisoners as they began their set with a rousing performance of “Born for One Thing.” The French quartet played an expansive set that spanned their entire catalog, from their earliest releases to their latest album, Fortitude. The band’s performance was a visual spectacle, featuring a stunning light show that highlighted their intricate melodies and powerful vocals. Songs such as “Stranded” and “Flying Whales” were a highlight of the set, and fans couldn’t help but raise their hands and unite in headbanging ecstasy.

Overall, it was an incredible night of music and headbanging, with all the bands delivering powerful performances that won’t be forgotten. The combination of Lorna Shore’s energy, Mastodon’s captivating riffs, and Gojira’s thrilling performance was an unforgettable experience, leaving the audience craving more.




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