Best of 2010 – Chris Faulkner’s Top Ten Albums

In no specific, but still semi-particular order.

A: Daft Punk – Tron:Legacy
I can’t think of anyone better to bring new life into one of the few movies that actually deserves a remake.
B: MGMT – Congratulations
The David Fridmann filter was taken off and left us with pure, unadulterated weirdness. (White Station represent!)
C: The Black Keys – Brothers
Real emotion from real music.
D: Spoon – Transference
After 7 albums they still continue to tastefully evolve.
E: Of Montreal – False Priest
If you need to dance this is some good sound for you.
F: The XX – XX
Ok it might have technically come out in ’09 but no one still knows of this group. Real instruments, real voices. Beautiful.
G: Broken Social Scene – Forgiveness Rock Record
Wow! I’m always stoked to hear sounds that I’ve never touched before.
H: The Arcade Fire – Suburbs
Music I describe as relaxing will usually put me to sleep but this album is chocked full of interesting sequences.
I: Deadmau5 – 4X4=12
Not the most original album name but everything else about this album is jaw-dropping.
J: Kid Cudi – Man on the Moon Vol. II: Legend of Mr. Rager
A perfect blender of genres… spectacular lyrics. Plus the only good thing Kanye West has been a part of this year besides that episode of South Park.

Chris Faulkner is the lead singer/composer of Rainy Day Manual. Rainy Day Manual is releasing its debut album, “Instructions in English”, February 26th at Newby’s (Memphis).

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