Locals Only: Steve Selvidge listens to
The City Champs

This band is a supergroup.

I first met Joe Restivo when he was around 16. He was scary good even then, and he’s only gone up from there. George Sluppick and Al Gamble are both absolute masters at their craft, and I feel honored and humbled whenever I get to play with them.

I’ve heard so many bands try to do this sort of thing and just get it so wrong on every level. Well, The Champs get it all right and then some. In The Safe Cracker, Bomar really made a great sounding record on these guys. Set up the mics, get the hell out of the way and let the 1″ 8 track roll. Hell, scuff up the vinyl a little bit and you’d swear you were listening to an old CTI production on your turntable. Yet, even with all of the great throwbacks, the Champs sound super fresh, and really bring a unique heart, grit, grind and beauty to the mix.

The City Champs help me remember to love music. Thanks, dudes.

Steve Selvidge

Steve Selvidge grew up in the Memphis music scene, hearing the folk blues of his father, Sid Selvidge, who performed as Mud Boy and the Neutrons  along with Lee Baker, Jimmy Crosthwait, and Jim Dickinson. That pretty much sealed the deal.

He’s been playing guitar, writing and recording music now longer than he can remember and has gone to many places with many bands and people. Highlights of this include Big Ass Truck, The Bloodthirsty Lovers, Secret Service, Amy LaVere and currently Brooklyn, NY based band The Hold Steady. He lives in Midtown Memphis with his wife and daughter.

Visit Steve’s Myspace Page to hear his music and learn more.

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