Pick Three with
The Pack a.d.

This Vancover duo (Maya Miller on drums and Becky Black on guitar/vocals) are releasing their fourth album Unpersons (Mint Records) on September 13, 2011 (I loved it after just one listen). We were lucky enough catch up with The Pack a.d. to get their pop culture picks prior to the hub-bub of the release.

1. Erasure – Pop! The First 20 Hits

If ever we’re feeling tired or we’re driving at night, Erasure is the only thing that will keep us up, awake, singing, seat dancing, suddenly gripped with the feeling that everything’s gonna be just great. I actually have other Erasure albums on my ipod but this hits collection is sure fire.

2. Hall and Oates – Rock and Soul Part One

Wow, I guess we both like compilations. I can’t even claim to have another one of their albums. This one contains “You Make My Dreams” which is a song we’ve been intending to cover for like a year. We like to roll up to venues, blasting it, and generally feel cool except that no one thinks we’re cool.

3. At Any Cost 

This is a movie that I don’t even know if you can get anywhere anymore. We picked it up at a bargain store for like 3 bucks and it’s awwwwful. But, a good awful. Basically this terrible band is trying to make it and then the singer’s brother is a drug addict, so then their weasely manager encourages him to over dose and die so that he won’t hold the band back, and then they go on tour and they’re getting radio play and charting across the USA but their manager is lying to them because he’s started his own label called Huge Records and he signs some other terrible act that’s bigger and then the lead singer and his wife break up because he’s on the road and she’s stuck with the kid and he cheats on her but then he sings her a song and they make up and then he goes to the manager’s mansion to confront him about him stealing their money and then they fight and the cops show up and shoot the manager because they think he’s a burglar and…worst best movie ever.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This movie stars James Franco!! and has a cameo from Gene Simmons. 

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