In the News: 16 Over 48: The International Blues Challenge Sessions

16 Over 48: The International Blues Challenge Sessions is a series of 2 hour recording sessions over a period of 48 hours at Ardent Studios. The hope is to be able to give musicians attending the International Blues Challenge the tools to bring out their inner recording artists on state-of-the-art gear at a fraction of the normal cost.

Here’s how it works: Over a 48 hour period, the 16 IBC acts booked need only bring instruments and voices to cut in a ready-to-go environment at Ardent. Participants will record in their newly renovated Studio C, with very little setup required. They’ll have everything you need to make a professionally produced recording, including a backline of drums, guitar and bass amps, piano and organ—all setup and ready to track through their new SSL Duality console with Spectra Sonic preamps.

Keep in mind that instruments cannot be provided, just the amplification – so don’t forget the harp! They’ll have a set of cymbals and a kick pedal, but drummers are encouraged to bring their own in order to get the best out of their time here.

Each group will walk away with two CD copies of their in-studio performance, mixed on the fly. Any groups inspired to continue work on their session will be able to do so at the special studio rate of 50% off, as long as the session is booked within 356 days of their 16 over 48 session.

These 2 hour blocks take place over a 48 hour period with one hour between the sessions. The first session will start at 12:00am on Friday, February 3 and the last session will end at 11:59 on February 4. Each block will be available for the discounted price of $250. This includes studio and engineer time, all equipment, instrument rentals and studio gear, as well as food and drink for all participants. They just ask that you show up at least one hour before your session starts.

If you are attending International Blues Challenge and want to get in on the action – just email Ardent at!

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