The Line-up with Brad Birkedahl, Minivan Blues Band, Crowlord

As every new year comes and goes, one thing seems to be consistant: the almighty make-or-break resolution.  It stands as a chance of change—a beacon of hope always to be relied upon to inspire you to live differently than you have become accustomed too.  Why not dedicate this new leaf of yours to becoming more familiar with your own city’s aspiring talent? 

Go on and grab your keys and wallet, we’re gonna have a crazy good weekend peaking in at the good stuff from Memphis you might not know about.

To start the weekend off right, we’ve got Brad Birkedahl & The Burning Love Band at the Blue Monkey in Midtown.  Birkedahl is a seasoned guitarist who brings his wicked shredding ability and love for ’50/’60s throwback pop to the stage of every performance.  Backed by a talented assortment of musicians and playing all the standards your mind can’t separate from post-World War II America, this is set to be a good time not to be missed.

As Saturday breaks, you might want something with a bit more teeth to pry you out of the bliss that the sugary sweet sounds of the previous evening lulled you into.  If you like early ’90s grunge ala Alice In Chains but wish it got a bit harder, well then, boy have I got the show for you.  Crowlord will be bringing their enormously dark sound to the Bucaneer Lounge.  Their music tends to punch you in the face so if you want a non-physical fight this weekend, this would be the spot.

Sunday is a day of rest, and lord knows you’ll need to kick back after the previous evening’s aural pummeling.  The Minivan Blues Band are set to play an early show at the Hi-Tone Cafe and are bringing their refreshingly cool jammy sound with them.  Having everyone in the band be immensely talented and masters of their craft, this band brings the cool heat with extended solos, optimistic chord progressions, and good vibes all around.  And since the show starts at 4PM, you have plenty of time to get home and prepare for the work week ahead.

This weekend is a cavalcade of a variety of talent in Memphis.  You know you don’t have anything planned, so come out and join me to support your local music (and give me a high-five when you see me).

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