The Sound of Memphis: Computerless Beats with Oxford Icebergs

Guys, we live in exciting times. The past ten years have seen a rapidly moving renaissance in the field of instrumental electronic music. Genres like instrumental hip-hop, underground electronica, post rock, organic electronica, and many more have all begun openly trading techniques and concepts with each other in a sort of Mr. Potato Head pick-and-choose manner of composition, which leads sounds or genres to be defined and detailed on an artist-by-artist basis.

Here in Memphis, Oxford Icebergs are putting a unique spin on the kick/snare game by throwing popular beat production convention to the wind.

Oxford Icebergs is an electronic effort of Memphis producers Clifton Anthony (Clifton Hanger) and Daniel Horton (DinoDNA). Avoiding the cold comfort of intuitive computer software, OxIce has a prefered methodology of being (literally) hands-on with their music through the use of drum machines, synthesizers, loop pedals and other tools. Their performance is comfortingly dependent on a physical aesthetic, as sound is either cued, performed, or launched by twisting nobs, pushing buttons, or pressing keys.

Through custom arrangement patterns and clever computerless configuration, they’ve been able to develop a style all their own that floats somewhere between the southern crunk of Three 6 Mafia, the calculated beat work of the Low-End Theory Club and the heart-aching chord progressions of Mogwai or Boards of Canada.

This past November marked the release of their umpteenth self-released album, Radar Loves Apple. The beat collection is a concentrated effort in all things lo-fi, a result that could be defined as an emotionally dense journey that takes you through heavy textures fields built on organic and synthetic samples, psuedo cheesy keyboard tones, and melancholic chord progressions. This tonal wall of sound is presented either raw or cooked up on top of expertly arranged beats that dictate songs with a teethy sense of indifferent introversion.

The dynamic duo are constantly busy with either solo projects or their joint effort. Do yourself a huge favor and friend up to their Facebook page for updates and info on some ultra genuine music from a couple of sincere kids.

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