Grizzly Bear’s Daniel Rossen releases his first solo effort

This past Monday, one of the key singer/songwriters of everyone’s favorite psychedelic folk/pop band Grizzly Bear released his first solo EP on the world.  Daniel Rossen’s unaccompanied debut harkens back to the work of his past; however, its primary function seems to be portraying his unique voice alone.  

Branching off from the more electronically involved Department of Eagles material of Rossen with fellow song writer Fred Nicolaus, past the glistening yet woody modern pop of Grizzly Bear, for the first time, the talented musician releases a collection of songs with a concentrated effort in his own sound.

Notable for its detached lyricism and chord progressions, the five song Silent Hour/Golden Mile EP wades through thick guitar textures and weighty piano pieces, all carrying densely packed equalization.  From the Beatles-esque vocal layers of “Silent Song” to the complex web of guitars backed by thick horns and a patient beat in “Return to Form,” the EP keeps involving atmospheres close to its core.

Abandoning Grizzly Bear’s accessibility, this album is a tightly-packed showcase of Daniel Rossen’s distant yet strangely relatable take on composition.  Although it’d be easy to miss how (Grizzly Bear’s) Ed Droste softens and warms Rossen’s compositions, his absence leaves space for Rossen’s cold compulsions to fully stretch into forlorn and melancholic pieces.

Acting as a harbinger, Rossen’s release will tide you over until the release of Grizzly Bear’s next full length, expected sometime later this year.  Head on over to Daniel Rossen on Warp Records to find out more about Silent Hour/Golden Mile.

Photo by Amelia Bauer

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