Win a Free Download of Zeke Fishhead’s Snag

As Mardi Gras approaches in earnest, fans of the Radiators are lamenting the loss of our soundtrack of the season. As a way of assuaging the angst, TVD is offering a free copy of the latest full-length download from the pen of Ed Volker. Read on for details on how to win.

When Volker retired last June after over 33 years leading the celebrated New Orleans band, he said he wasn’t going to play in public for at least six months. But he never said he was going to quit composing. His new 12-song collection, Snag, is proof that the fertile mind of the poet is still kicking like the proverbial mule.

Two of the songs will be familiar to hardcore fishheads especially those enamored with the MOMs Ball, the underground Carnival party that the Radiators, as well as Volker’s earlier bands, played for over three decades. Last year’s theme song, “Last Lick” makes an appearance here, as does another rarity, “The Ballad of Delia Green,” known on set lists as “Delia’s Gone.”

Other tunes on Snag give insight into the process that turned rough tunes by Volker into Radiators’ songs. The first cut, “Let’s Get Shiny Tonight” sings out for the full band treatment. “O Dead Man’s Hand” opens with a classic Volker piano riff and has a melody line and lyrics that practically beg for Dave Malone’s voice.

In case fans wonder how Volker was able to make the obviously tough decision to shut down the circus, he offers the wistful, “Save the Last Watusi for Me.” With a chiming, repeating keyboard figure (stream it above) that evokes nostalgia, the song is a gem that stands along with fan favorites like “Grief Snafu” and “Raindancer” for packing an emotional punch.

I have run across fishheads who were unaware that Volker has released six prior intimate albums of his songs (not including the commercially released, Lost Radio), recorded on his own with a bit of outside assistance. All six are still available here. But truth be told, those efforts are uneven—better tunes from each period ended up in the Radiators’ repertoire. But without the option of perfecting his best songs in the laboratory that was the Radiators, this disc is filled with keepers.

To win the download, leave a pithy comment (140 characters or less) about what you miss most about the Radiators. The winner will be chosen Friday on the eve of what would have been the band’s 34th anniversary.

Main Volker Image: Chris Granger, The Times-Picayune

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  • Nolafishhead

    The Radiators made me come alive @ the first riff, the first key, the first beat of Frankie’s drum. There always seemed to be a song title or lyric for everything in life. The band was the soundtrack of my life. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit there is less joy in my life without them.

  • chinacat63

    So many great songs!! And their shows never never let you down, the typical Rads show was great and the great shows were mind blowing!

  • radidate

    I miss having Radiators shows to look forward too. The travel to different parts of the country to hang with the boys with the noise and fishheads from that area. rejoicing in the music. Getting up in the morning and checking the setlist of what was played the night before at a show I missed. I miss standing in the crowd and singing along to the songs with everyone around me. Dancing! Most of all I just miss the joy the band brought to me and my life.

  • dorz11

    So many things to miss with Zeke and the Radiators. But especially that first weekend of May with a great night of sweaty dancing to Rads and then Sunday afternoon for the fest close out. I will miss Zeke bobbing his head and squeaking his horn! It just ain’t the same without him (them)…

  • jp

    I miss having my wife scream at me for leaving for the airport on another Thursday afternoon to spend all my money following a bunch of derelicts around the country chasing 5 old dudes who jammed.

  • nynola

    What I miss about the Rads (in list form):

    1) Cannibal Girls

    2) Adding the handwritten set-list from MOMs to my archive

    3) Seeing Jay bounce up and down at the shows

    4) Seeing the air of the fan blow back Dave’s locks

    5) Zeke’s bike horn/maraca playing

    6) Suckin’ the head

  • Nolafishhead

    Ahhh…perhaps most of all, I miss the possibility that my soul might leave my body and hover over me, as its awkward physical counterpart flailed joyously about the rail in total abandon. I will move on, as it is the sane thing to do, but I shall not be released. My heart will forever belong to the Rads.

  • Chasmo

    I miss being the body guard for the grand poobah

  • Gefilte

    I miss my arms flapping like fins, my eyes bugging out, the endless imbibing of vast quantities of liquids, shunning the daylight and frequenting dark, wet places and waiting for it all to gleam.

  • Griz

    First time I saw the rads was at the Biyou in D.C..over twenty years ago, man what a show,my brother and me got to go backstage and while talking to Dave told him that we have the same birthday and my mom’s name was Irene Malone.I asked if he knew the song” good night Irene” and he sung it for us .Since that time they played it for us at M.OM’s and then when They saw us in the crowd at Rams Head in Balt. last summer. Brings tears to my eyes every time.god bless you guys!

  • DanM

    Pith? I don’t need 140 characters. I only need four: MOJO!

  • leey

    i miss knowing that no matter how hard life might have been at that time a loyal assembly of new friends, family and stellar music always awaited .

    • Antelope Annie

      Such truth in this statement! Probably the single thing I’ll miss the most….

  • Antelope Annie

    Da Whole DAMN THANG!!!!!

    The getcha groove on, swamptastic, groovalicious fun we all had! So lucky to have been a part of it!

  • pumpkin

    Greasy levitation, dancing with abandon and joy joy joy as the band and audience became one in a river of telepathic synchronicity…

    • pumpkin

      Greasy levitation, dancing with abandon and joy joy joy as the band and fishheads became one in a river of telepathic synchronicity…

  • Tony Z


  • JoFish

    My Radiation began with the Rapsodizers at Luigis. I was 18. I feel so fortunate to have had such enlightenment that has, and always will be, the core of my being. Love You Guys! Jo.

  • Radsfan

    Seeing the Radiators was like a visit to the fountain of youth. We are aging rapidly without the band.

  • insolentcur

    i miss the greasy, funky, circus.

    i’m gonna join the circus, i’m going to join the band,

    i’m gonna join the circus, with the moon all over the land…

  • trouts

    I miss the feeling I got at Rads shows, and nowhere else, that I was having so much fun it must be criminal, if not sinful.


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