TVD Recommends: Neslort at the Blue Nile tonight, 6/26

The Open Ears Music Series is one of the best chances to hear original music in New Orleans. Many of the bands that are booked are purely improvisational in nature. But tonight, New Orleans’ only “primordial fusion” band plays in the upstairs room.

Trombonist Rick Trolsen has led Neslort since 1991 and a whole passel of musicians has passed through its ranks. Here’s how he describes the concept behind his unique musical style, “Long ago, before the circus came to town, a large scale, genetic procedure was conducted on the primordial creatures inhabiting planet earth, by an advanced life form, from not so far away. Injected with a revolutionary genetic formula, over several generations, great changes began to manifest themselves.

Over the course of time, an altogether different species had emerged, known today as the Homo Sapien. The Hairless Ape. This event came to be known as, ‘”The Primordial Fusion.” The true purpose of this procedure is unknown…but military involvement is suspected. Even to this day, the procedure continues to be monitored. We are being observed continually.” Heady stuff indeed.

His latest version of Neslort is tight and they recently released a recording that sums up the band at the beginning of the twenty-teens. Mystical Scam features songs inspired by the state of the world today. Some of the meanings behind the songs are not for the faint of heart. You can read all about them here.

But regardless of your perspective or political leanings, if you like to be challenged musically by musicians who are challenging themselves, you will like this band. The show starts at 10 PM. It’s free, but please tip the band. It’s part of the social contract.

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