TVD Live: Moonface at Bowery Ballroom, 6/30

Words and images: Aaron Thompson

Spencer Krug, aka Moonface, fidgeted with the cobweb of wires connecting his keyboards to the sound system, avoiding the glares and “we love you’s” of the city kids pressed against the stage of the Bowery Ballroom. It was Moonface’s first show with Siinai in New York City, and the tone of La Big Vic’s hypnotic, reverb-drenched set was still heavy in the room.

Weeknight, the first band of the night, played layered synth and electric guitar melodies over drum machines. Their music was like a radio dial being slowly turned, stuttering and then falling into place. They played a set full of the energy of a new band that has something to prove.

La Big Vic took the tone down to a patient serenade, surrounded in reverb and echoing through the hall in waves. The drum beat was slow and steady, and shook the floor as a violin, guitar and synth keyboards hovered over it. The singer’s voice faded into the distance as the guitarist turned the repeat knob on his delay pedal, ending the set with a screeching echo.

The stage was cleared and the crowd pressed closer.

Moonface took the stage, played a lengthy intro melody, and at the first word, Spencer Krug’s voice rose effortlessly above the pounding, anthemic wall of sound behind him.

Although this was their first tour together, Moonface and Siinai had an effortless chemistry. The drummer mimicked the rhythm with his arms while pounding on the kick drum, and chords were repeated endlessly before unfolding into addictive melodies. The size of the sound barely fit in the Bowery Ballroom, and the energy of the audience was reflected in the music. I was glad to be there.


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