TVD Live: Diiv at Baby’s All Right, 4/28

PHOTOS: JAMIE LANGLEY | Diiv does the same thing for me that the Neu! jam “Hallogallo” does; it just never gets old and propels me with momentum through busy city streets like living inside Sega.

I heard Diiv for the first time from a backyard behind the stage at a Mexican restaurant turned venue for the week at SXSW 2013. Some friends had just played, and we were taking refuge from the chaos back there. The moment I heard the 2 guitars passing their delicious hooks back and forth and looping around one another, I went back in to have a proper listen. I watched their set from behind and was really taken by them.

The music has a lightness and delicacy mirrored in the men themselves, quite petite and drowning in giant T-shirts, but they come across strong, purposeful with intention, and I just love all those guitar hooks and melodies which take up plenty of space that I never question the minimal vocals.

Alex, of course, already knew all about them and might have even known Cole from Beach Fossils, I forget, but regardless the vinyl was a staple of 2013 in our home. “Druun” and “Air Conditioning” off their debut full length Oshin still come up on my iPhone shuffle, and I never skip them.

The last time I saw them before this Baby’s show was at Williamsburg Music Hall, which was awesome. They were on fire. Kids were stage diving and I felt 15 again with flashbacks of the ’90s, before insurance companies put a ceiling on the rock ‘n’ roll club experience. With arms up, I was ready to support some kid crowd surfing. I just dated myself, but my gal pal and I started laughing so hard. Is this really happening? Crowd surfing?

I’ve seen them play a bunch now, and they are always really good. Cole and Andrew are just incredible guitarists, and it’s such a treat to watch them so effortlessly glide around the stage with freedom and command of themselves, their instrument, the riff, and the song.

Tuesday night at Baby’s All Right they played all new material and considering they played 20 songs, it became evident they have just recorded a double record. This was confirmed after the show in a short chat with the producer out front. It’s a bold, brave move to record a double record and to confidently say it will be released without delay this fall.

They didn’t announce any names of songs. They just ripped thru the jams, occasionally announcing they were Diiv and from New York City.

They have added some harmony vocals with the fellow switching between keys and guitar, but they still delivered the same Diiv vibe we have come to expect and love.

They put on a great show, and we eagerly await their new release which we will most likely buy the week it comes out. Our household needs some new Diiv for fall.

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