TVD Live Shots: Matt and Kim with Waters at the Warfield, 5/2

Matt and Kim Jason Miller-2

It took less than a second for the sold out crowd at the Warfield to erupt into sheer enigmatic joy as Matt and Kim appeared on stage. The Brooklyn duo looked as if they were about to lead the crowd into battle against everything not fun. A single platform which held the duo’s weapons of choice was rolled up to the front of the stage with lighting that was reminiscent of a jumbo jet landing behind them. Wikipedia refers to them as an “indie dance duo,” but I would update that description to something more along the lines of “musically inclined instigators who bring the party.”

It was my first time seeing Matt and Kim live and it came highly recommended by some hipster tech marketing friends of mine. (By the way Matt and Kim, if you don’t know this, already you have a segment of tech marketers who fucking love you; queues up conference season schedule). The only thing I really knew about these two was that they had one hell of a buzz around them for what seems like an eternity and somehow managed to stay just enough under the radar that they kept their indie cred.

Matt and Kim Jason Miller-17

As a photographer shooting the first three songs from the photo pit, I can tell you first hand that it’s a remarkable experience to see this show from the front row. Throughout the show Kim is sort of like a one woman Cirque Du Soleil as she uses her bass drum as a platform to perform a sort of rock ‘n’ roll freestyle ballet.

It’s the yin to Matt’s yang of MC and ring leader of the biggest party I’ve ever been to. I found myself several times forgetting to actually take photos as I was enamored by the spectacle happening just a few feet away. Then it just got crazier and crazier.

Matt and Kim Jason Miller-3

Matt and Kim recently released their fifth studio album New Glow, and the duo is clearly evolving from an indie rock party band into more of a pop group—and why shouldn’t they?

If they can keep on churning out those enormous hooks backed by an insanely over the top live show, then it’s time for their audience to expand and the world to take notice. The transition has been quite subtle over the course of five albums, so I think the early adopters will stay on board for this ride.

Matt and Kim Jason Miller-18

A really interesting band called Waters opened up the show. It’s Van Pierszalowski, the frontman of Port O’Brien, and his new project and they just released a new record as well. They fit right into the new crop of bands doing what I like to call “California feel good music,” and I believe they even covered a Taylor Swift song and made it quite enjoyable. Something I didn’t think was possible.

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Matt and Kim Jason Miller

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Bottom line: fantastic high energy show, fun pop-infused record with a shiny new coat of paint, and two forward thinking musicians who truly embrace their fans both online and off.

Check out the hi res photos over here in the gallery.

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