TVD Live Shots: The Aquabats, PPL MVR, and Jacob Turnbloom at the Regency Ballroom, 11/23

The Aquabats wrapped up their current tour this past Saturday at San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom. The fans turned out early for their superheros and the kiddos were running rampant on the general admission floor well-before the openers took the stage.

Supported by some backing tracks, Jacob Turnbloom kicked things off with a solo set of originals but while the music was approachable, the vampire shtick made no sense. Nevertheless, he had a good-sized crowd that was receptive to vamp rock as they geared up for the Aquabats. But first they had to suffer through PPL MVR.

Never heard of PPL MVR? Imagine an unholy alliance between a yeti, Chewbacca, and the Grinch delivering abominably auto-tuned drivel designed to torture mankind. Unfortunately there were many small children in the room that will be forever scarred.

Thanks to their long-running The Aquabats! Super Show! the age of the audience ran the spectrum, with this night’s show spanning toddlers to folks in their 60s. And while the kids needed help getting to the show, it was clear from the parents singing along that there was a bit of guilty pleasure involved.

The fact is, from the inflatable sharks to pizza crowd surfing, The Aquabats are simply a good time. They wouldn’t end every single song title with an exclamation point if that wasn’t the case!




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