TVD Live Shots:
Machine Head at the
Fox Theater, 2/21

It wasn’t that long ago that Machine Head’s future as a band was in question.  Long time members Phil Demmel (guitar) and Dave McClain (drums) both abruptly announced their departures from the band before what was certain to be an awkward final tour for everyone.

Leave it to Robb Flynn, front man and only remaining founding member, to dust off and move forward. Adding Vogg Kiełtyka (guitar) and Matt Alston (drums) to the lineup, Flynn went even further and announced that Machine Head would also be reuniting with Burn My Eyes-era members Logan Mader and Chris Kontos to celebrate the 25th anniversary of that album.

All this manifested into a five-week “Burn My Eyes 25th Anniversary” run across North America which wrapped up Saturday in Anaheim, California—but not before what would prove to be a hometown show of epic proportions at Oakland’s Fox Theater.  Sticking to the “evening with” format which the band tested with huge success in support of Bloodstones & Diamonds, Machine Head kicked things off early and proceeded to pummel the audience for well-over three hours.

Split into two sets, Machine Head kicked off with a raft of classics that got the pit humming along at a good clip. Wrapping the first set up with “Halo,” Machine Head had already delivered a nearly two-hour set that most mortal bands (and their fans) would have been more than content with.

But not so, Machine Head who, after a brief break, returned with Kontos (who even managed to get a spin across the stage on a BMX bike) and Mader to crush the “Burn My Eyes” album in its entirety. How was it, you may wonder? Well when a dude from the video crew puts down his camera, looks you straight in the eye and says, “this is my god!” … there’s a pretty good indication that it went better than okay. The sweat drenched crowd up front would likely agree.

Wrapping up the evening with a medley of metal classics and “Block,” all 6 of the evening’s performers came out for a final bow and the opportunity to literally shower the crowd with fistfuls of guitar picks and drumsticks. Truly and epic night of Machine Head!

Take My Scars
Now We Die
Beautiful Mourning
I Am Hell (Sonata in C#)
Aesthetics of Hate
Darkness Within
From This Day
Ten Ton Hammer
Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden cover)

A Thousand Lies
None but My Own
The Rage to Overcome
Death Church
A Nation on Fire
Blood for Blood
I’m Your God Now
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) / Creeping Death / One / Fast as a Shark / Strike of the Beast / Thunderkiss ’65 / South of Heaven / Raining Blood

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