TVD Live Shots:  Måneskin at the
Masonic, 11/3

Måneskin recently blew up on the world stage in no small part due to their victory in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest and are finally getting some well-deserved attention from the USA fans on their “Loud Kids Tour” which included two sold-out nights at San Francisco’s Masonic.

Fans started lining up not long after noon in order to secure a coveted spot up front along the barricade, some apparently having followed the band to multiple cities because once (or twice) was apparently not enough. With no opener, the band must have figured that a little more wait time wasn’t going to hurt anyone and their scheduled 8:30PM set time came a went without any indication that show was about to start. Finally storming the stage just past 9:15, the crowd erupted and there were clearly no hard feelings.

Let’s be real for a second—it is not easy for international bands to crack the US market in a meaningful way without lyrics in English. So, the fact that the crowd jumped right into singing along to “Cool Kids” was unsurprising. What was surprising is that the San Francisco fans didn’t miss a beat when the band kicked into their native Italian language for “Zitti e Buoni” and “In Nome Del Padre.”

To say that Måneskin’s music is catchy would be an incredible understatement. Ethan Torchio (drums) and Victoria De Angelis (bass) set a tight thumping groove that gets the crowd moving and provides plenty of space for Thomas Raggi to bring a healthy dose of sizzle on the guitar. And aside from Torchio who’s stuck behind the drum kit, the whole band barely stops moving during the entire set.

And since apparently the stage isn’t big enough to contain all of that energy, there was a staircase up front so Victoria could hop onto the barricade and rock out directly in front of (and on top of) the fans. Through it all were Damiano David’s vocals which delivered a powerful punch in his distinctive timbre which breathed new life into some well-trodden musical ground.

These four high school friends have clearly revitalized rock and roll in a manner that’s uncommon these days. All the hype could actually be warranted.

Cool Kids
Zitti e Buoni
In Nome Del Padre
Beggin’ (The Four Seasons cover)
Close to the Top
I Wanna Be Your Slave
For Your Love
Touch Me
Lividi Sui Gomiti

The Loneliest
I Wanna Be Your Slave

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