TVD’s 10 Weeks of Record Store Day Vinyl Giveaways: Lucero, Women & Work (Signed!)

We’re continuing our 10 Weeks of Vinyl Giveaways, our very own countdown to Record Store Day 2012, with a very special opportunity for Lucero fans.

They recently released their highly-anticipated eighth album, Women & Work, on their new record label, ATO Records (Drive-By Truckers, My Morning Jacket).

Women & Work is “a love letter from Lucero to its hometown, Memphis, TN,” featuring country and soul influences from records like Delaney & Bonnie’s first album on the Stax label, Home.

And guess what? We’ve got an autographed record to give away to one of you.

To enter to win, pick one of your favorite songs off the new album, and leave a brief-but-compelling comment telling us why it’s your favorite. (Key word: “brief.” We’re not lookin’ for novellas here.)

To help inspire you, I’ll pick one of mine, “It May Be Too Late,” a song, I believe, that perfectly blends old and new Lucero sounds while showcasing the colloquial songwriting style both newer and long-time fans have come to know, love, and expect from frontman Ben Nichols.

The winner will be selected a week from today, on Thursday, April 19th, and must have a North American mailing address. 

Lucero are now touring with dates going through August.

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  • rthead

    “Downtown” captures the fact that Lucero is no longer a band playing Ben Nichols songs, but rather Ben Nichols–and the band–is now writing Lucero songs. That, and it’s the first time I have ever heard Ben Nichols attempt to actually sing.

    • yantang1

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  • Artim

    I tried to get this album at a local store, only to find it incredibly warped. Took it back and got the last copy, only to find it also warped. Help! Need the new Lucero!

  •!/ToddFarrellJr Todd

    “I Can’t Stand to Leave You” is the perfect combination of old-school Lucero heartbreak and loneliness, and new Lucero dynamics and soul. It’s emotional, haunting, and the best Lucero song I’ve heard in years.

  • MatthewMcBride

    Juniper, along with the rest of the album, really shows how much the band has progressed from their early days. It has the soulful sound of Memphis, the twang of their country side, and still has that growl from Ben.

  • pfunk51

    “Sometimes” is my favorite track. Growing up in Tennessee and having moved off, it reminds me to call my little brother each day, since we both travel the roads for a living.

  • Hoodrat

    Juniper!  Or whatever they open with first in DC!  Such a good tune.

  • JenniferLaughlinCaires

    @Lucero – “I CANT STAND TO LEAVE YOU”…the passion in Ben’s voice and the rest of the band throughout that song is amazing.  You can feel the pain and frustration throughout which makes it so very sexy.

  • CantFeelAThing

    Who You Waiting On.  Instead of the proverbial knight in shining armor riding in on a white horse there is a raspy voiced guitarist with a myriad of tattoos who has come to whisk you away and save the day .  Romance Lucero style.

  • bornintofilth

    “When I Was Young” – Not only is it the song I most relate to off of this album, but the way the song progresses and builds with Ben’s voice standing out over a really great bluesy-rock track; it’s just perfect.

  • catt_astrophe

    “Go Easy” hands down has had the most impact on me. It is powerful and has that lyrical romanticism that I love. It’s a rich song with profound levels and an awesome use of a choir that I never thought Lucero would use. But hell, they did it and they did it damn well.

  • dwiltse28

    “Like Lightning” is downright kick ass. Rick Steff’s intro immediately gets you up and moving. Ben’s chugging riff with Brian’s lead riff accompanied by the horns really shows off their new sound well. Roy Berry’s drum line and John C’s bass line are perfect as usual. An all around awesome song that you can get up and dance to but still has the lyrical content that Lucero fans love. I also like that they got the choir in on this song.

  • plank10

    Who You Waiting On. Very different musically for them. the keyboards make the song for me

  • Mike K

    When I Was Young – I followed this song from its earliest YouTube incarnation when Ben was playing it on a tram going up an Alaskan mountain. Roy’s pseudo-marching drum beat, the build of the song, and lyrics that sum up how I’m aging right along with my favorite band are all reasons I’ve never listened to this song just once.

  • Brittany B

    All of these extra RSD specials are so cool. TouchTunes is doing a huge contest too – giving away a turntable and a pack of vinyl pieces. This entire is going to OWN.

  • Matthew_Ronald

    “Who  You Waiting On.” This song to me, is more musically different than any other Lucero song out there, while still having that classic Lucero feel underneath all of the layers. The way Ben words the lyrics, it is as if you can see the story played out in your head. Also, I was extremely surprised by the way it turned out compared to the acoustic, stripped down version from the Lucero Family Podcast.

  • yantang1

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  • briansnairb

    At least at this time I am going to have to say “When I WasYoung”. Lucero songs have always hit a note with lyrics that flow with my life in perfect stride. And this one, for me, does that. But give it time. I may have a new favorite next week?

  • Lynette

    “I Can’t Stand to Leave You,” definitely, at least today. It’s got the musical flavor and tones of the “graduated” (ha!) Lucero, but the raw, gritty feelings of old. Mixes the best of both and comes away with something that hits you “straight through [your] chest.”

  • luceroonmyheart

    “Downtown” starts the album off right, nice build and its great live. DONE!

  • AHainkel

    “When I Was Young” is one of my favorites. It really reminds me of my teenage years and how I did feel wild, free, and in love. How I regret the turmoil with my first love and wish things had gone differently. That song just really hits me and makes me so nostalgic.

  • Dan

    My favorite track changes daily because there isn’t a throwaway on the whole album, but right now I’d have to say Downtown (played with the Intro every time).  It’s just awesome, full of hope and apology for the last time and just sounds so damn good. They really tear this one up live too! 

  • DustyM

    “Downtown” because I saw them play it live a few months ago and it blew me away.

  • the2scoops

    I love “On My Way Downtown”, it’s got that bluesy honky tonk rock vibe I love, and the lyrics sound like so many familiar conversations.
    “And the last time we drank, I was less than behaved
    But I said that I would, I’ll make up for old days”

  • BDrizz

    When I Was Young.  I started listening to Lucero when I was young.  This song just feels like Ben and I are remiscing and closing a chapter in life.  All the good and bad times.  Nights when “Sad songs don’t help” and yet Lucero songs were there helping getting me through.  Lord, when I was young…..

  • BDrizz

    When I Was Young.  I started listening to Lucero when I was relatively young 14 years ago.  This song feels like Ben and I are reminiscing and closing a chapter of life.  All the good and bad times.  Even when “sad songs don’t help” and yet Lucero songs were there to see me through.  Lord, when I was young….

  • BDrizz

    When I Was Young. I started listening to Lucero when I was relatively young 14 years ago. This song feels like Ben and I are reminiscing and closing a chapter of life. All the good and bad times. Even when “sad songs don’t help” and yet Lucero songs were there to see me through. Lord, when I was young….

  • AlexSimotes

    “When I Was Young” is possibly the best Lucero song I’ve ever heard in my life. The somber slide guitar. Ben’s gritty, sorrowful voice. The reminiscence of life and loves passed by. If I weren’t such a macho man, this song would make me cry like a baby every listened to it. Luckily, I am that and therefore can simply enjoy the masterful songwriting and arrangements. 

  • Losingme

    Downtown-intro… It’s my favorite because it perfectly sets up the album and I know when I hear it i know it’s going to be followed by something that’s really rare today. An album that’s solid from cover to cover.

  • JacobLindsey

    It’s like picking your favorite beer, but I’d have to go with “I Can’t Stand to Leave You” for a couple reasons.1.)  I first heard Ben play it at the 1st Annual Lucero Christmas party in Memphis and I was there with my fiancee (soon to be wife, now).  We’ve been together for 6.5 years and have spent the better part of 4 of those years long distance due to various school and military related reasons.  The words of this song just pretty much summed up how I feel every single time I have to walk out that door and leave her for months at a time.  2.)  The sound is just amazing.  Without the horns, keys, or slide this song could fit right along side any track from TMFW, which is probably my favorite overall album from the boys (once again, I hate picking favorites, but it’s a necessary evil), but when you add those elements in it brings the track to a whole new level.  It’s the perfect blend of old and new and always makes me really appreciate how much the band has grown.  I love it.

  • kevinqcumber

    I Can’t Stand to Leave You – Awesome music. It reveals deep, meaningful lyrics that Ben delivers beautifully with heart felt passion. Most people can relate to the heartbreak portrayed. Great song!

  • jsilliker

    “Juniper” just so raunchy you can’t help but get up and dance.

  • Jason

    Sometimes: because of the line, “You and your brothers watch out for each other always”.  Words to live by!

  • slwilder11

    Women & Work. It’s one of the most upbeat sounding and fun songs on the album, yet still relatable. I just imagine a hard working man getting dragged down by trying to keep up with the women, work, and booze. So fun! The keyboard and horns sound amazing in this song.

  • tonyuhdestruction

    I Can’t Stand To Leave You is my personal favorite song on the album. When you close your eyes and listen to the song you can feel the emotion and pain and when Ben sings the song it runs chills all over you.

  • MartyPDX

    Go Easy. It’s CLASSIC Lucero with gospel soul and that worn out voice only Ben is capable of.
    ….And because I’ve always liked hearing the sad songs.

  • CarlaHawley

    Juniper! It’s the best beer drinking pick me up song!!

  • dtilson55

    “I can’t stand to leave you” is my pick.  From the first Lucero song that I ever heard, “It gets the worst at night”, I’ve been hooked.  Lucero’s musical style has changed over the years, but their simple, relatable, and whiskey soaked lyrics have remained steady.  Lucero has a truly talented lyricist in Ben Nichols.  This track hits me right in the gut.  Cheers boys.  Hell of an album. 

  • MelSwat

    Killer album, but definitely SOMETIMES takes it. It’s got everything: Ben’s leathery voice, some sweet guitar, a few ghosts and some fatherly advice. Can’t help but keep raping the replay button.

  • Gilmz

    Possibly It May Be Too Late, but it’s a tough call. It’s just awesome, the piano interlude reminds me of an old western saloon or something and it has a classic feel to it. That being said, I Can’t Stand To Leave You has an instrumental composure that is like nothing I’ve heard from Lucero and seems like it should be in a film soundtrack. I’m done.

  • TylerDuncan

    Sometimes is the song I keep going back to on this album. So many good lines from this song that just sum up life as we grow older. My favorite line is “you and your brothers watch out for each other. always.” Ben’s voice makes all the great lyrics here hit home.

  • Nosoko

    Like Lightning: Love the climatic beginning that travels in waves through the rest of the song.  Ben’s lyrics move, shake & motivate me like I’ve been struck by a thunder bolt.  There’s no wasting time placing this entire album on repeat.

  • sara marie

    Goodness, this was hard.  But fun wins this time, so I’ll go with Women & Work- it’s the potential for hand clappin’, booty shakin’, and romanticizin’, that makes it a brilliantly fun song.  And while Lucero’s music always makes this left-brain hemisphere dominated lady think a little irrationally about life, this song especially does- smashing tvs?  I’m in!

  • DonnieLemmon

    Tuff 1. But from the get… When I Was Young grabbed me by my guts. All there…BN lyrical bone twisting….Lucero….me…..lord knows im not young…….but i was once…..add to that they ARE the best……attic tapes to W & W! Give me my record dammiy!

  • DonnieLemmon

    Novella add on……fantastic record! Old sch Lucero to bithch shake your booty cuz its honky tonk in this here juke joint…..heading for the majors….like it or not…

  • yantang1

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  • dab

    At the moment my favorite is ‘On My Way Downtown’. Because when the song ends, I always find that I’m driving faster than I was when it started…the earmark of a great song.

  • amanda22

    favorite is women&work. I think it paints a true picture to a mans life. being a woman of a very hardworking man, then coming home and put up with me…I understand why having a drink and letting shit go in necessary. truely love lucero.

  • RyanReed

    “who you waiting on” with downtown as a close second.  Reminds me of my wife and I about a decade ago.

  • dearbennichols

    Congrats, @sara marie , you’re our winner! Comments are now closed. Thanks, everyone!

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